Why AdSense Revenues Have Reduced During Coronavirus Period


It’s not a secret anymore that coronavirus has impacted negatively on businesses. AdSense is one of the areas that was heavily affected resulting to significant reduction of earnings by bloggers.

The major reason the income has reduced between 30% and 70 % is because most companies stopped advertising with Google. The purpose of advertising is to get clients but during this time, most people are locked in their houses. In fact, more than half of the companies globally are currently grounded.

There is no point of advertising when nobody is there to buy. The only sectors not affected are health and cargo transport, even web hosting. Companies like Bluehost have gained massively because people are registering new domains to start working online.

Last week, one of my friends lamented that his blog has experienced a reduction of income by 50%. The blog usually attracts 20% visits per month, his income ranges between $800 and $1,500 monthly but this time, from March 2020, the income has reduced to $400 despite traffic being constant.

The income from AdSense will continue being low until coronavirus is contained and everything returns to normalcy. It’s surprising that even Google which owns AdSense reduced its advertising budget by 50%.

In the meantime, continue creating fresh content so that when everything returns to normal, you will easily recover.