Project planning and management jobs and salaries in Kenya


Project Planning and Management is a top career in Kenya with very good salaries. The course is offered at diploma, degree and masters level at almost every university.

The basic salary of a diploma holder in Kenya is Ksh 35,000-Ksh70, 000.This is paid to an individual who did project planning and does not possess any other qualification. According to figures in our possession, with a diploma in project management and at least 5 years of professional experience you can earn up to Ksh180, 000 at an international NGO while the same qualification can earn you Ksh50,000 in a government institution.

Degree holders earn average salary of Ksh120, 000 while masters holders earn Ksh200, 000-Ksh600,000.

The highest paid project managers are those who work in real estate and construction industry, followed by UN employees.NGOs also pay them well especially if one is employed as a senior manager.

If you compare project management and other professions in the country, the course pays higher than 80 % of the careers in Kenya, making it one of the best courses in Kenya.