Salaries of monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) graduates and professionals in Kenya



Monitoring and evaluation is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya. The salary for M&E professionals vary depending on level of experience and the organization they work for.

In Kenya, M&E professionals are employed by NGOs, UN,Ministry of health and hospitals. Their work is so important to these organizations to an extent of getting paid better than other professionals so that they cannot look for employment elsewhere.

According to figures we have here,M&E professionals are paid an average salary of Ksh 120,000,but there are those who earn up to Ksh600,000.

To be a monitoring and evaluation officer or expert you have to study related course in undergraduate. The best courses include Statistics, project management, public health and biostatistics. Or pursue a monitoring and evaluation degree.

The best universities and colleges offering M&E in Kenya include JKUAT, AMREF and KIM.