These are The Positive Effects of Coronavorus


Coronavirus is devastating, but it has its positives. Here are the benefits of this virus:

1. Many countries like Italy, Spain and America will get a big relief on social security. In these countries, billions are spent annually to keep the elderly alive. Unfortunate as it is , corona is going to reduce that burden significantly.
2. International politics is going to be altered in a very fundamental and critical way. America will particular reevaluate certain foreign policies as it becomes the epicenter of corona. Trump is already pleading for help from countries that would otherwise be America’s enemies.
3. The West’s policies against immigrants will also need some reviewing, especially in view of the significant role immigrant health workers have played to combat corona. In rebuilding the economies of countries like Italy, Spain and America many immigrants are going to be needed.
4. In Kenya, the biggest casualty of corona will be BBI. In fact, I’m still very positive that our numbers will remain low. So we won’t see infections past 5,000 people, or deaths beyond 100 people. But the careers of certain politicians who depended on BBI will nosedive.
5. The deep state seems to be powerful only in times of peace. When there is no crisis at hand and they have luxury time to conspire for power. Corona is changing that. You have already realized that things have gone cold around Fred Matiangi and Karanja Kibicho, as Mutahi Kagwe becomes the new kid in the block. Corona has the capacity to keep everyone so busy without the chance to conspire for power.
6. At an individual level, we have people who never want to save , invest, or spend wisely when they have the money. It’s always about traveling, drinking and all that. Corona is likely to instil some discipline and a sense of personal organization.
7. Corona is going to change certain notions, illusions , assumptions and misconceptions. The role of the church, politicians and tycoons will be put under a microscope. If they continue to be useless and unhelpful at this hour of need , no one will take them seriously going forward.
8. Many people are going to experience a windfall in terms of big inheritance or unclaimed properties. Corona is going to facilitate wealth redistribution as a latent effect – unintended outcome.
9. Some relationships will be strengthened by the mutual realization that partners need each other. But those that were built on wrong foundations will be swept away by corona.
10. Our approach to the economy is going to change. Some businesses are going to collapse, as new ones get established. People will particularly begin to appreciate the role of the farmer and the mama mboga.
11. I almost forgot the Oil Boom! A barrel of crude has fallen to 20 dollars! Imagine the huge savings we could make if government stopped stealing from the people and the pump prices were reduced by 50%!
I’ve decided to remain strong and positive. If that feels bad for you, go wash your hands and stay indoors.