Top 60 Most Demanded Undergraduate Courses in Kenya


If you wish to pursue most demanded courses in Kenya, you have to pick from the list provided above. Students choose courses which they hear that are marketable. The demand for courses is determined by the job market.

Based on the demand for undergraduate courses, there are some programs which have been phased out because they are not popular. Computer Science, Medicine, Law and engineering are among the most marketable courses in Kenya. The least marketable undergraduate courses are those in agriculture and environment.

Here are top 100 most demanded courses in Kenya:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
  2. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  3. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  5. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pediatrics
  6. Bachelor of Laws
  7. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  8. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  9. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Management
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Security Studies
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
  14. Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance
  16. Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
  17. Bachelor of Business Information Communication and Technology
  18. Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
  19. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  20. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  21. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  22. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
  23. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education (Primary Option)
  24. Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education (Secondary Option)
  25. Bachelor of Public Health
  26. Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
  27. Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  28. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences
  29. Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
  30. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Technology
  31. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  32. Bachelor of Science in Information Science
  33. Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Sciences
  34. Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
  35. Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Exploration and Production
  36. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
  37. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  38. Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
  39. Bachelor of Science in Computer Electronic Systems
  40. Bachelor of Architecture
  41. Bachelor of Applied Statistics
  42. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  43. Bachelor of Commerce
  44. Bachelor of Construction Management
  45. Bachelor of Architectural Technology formerly (Bachelor of Architecture)
  46. Civil Engineering
  47. Computer Science
  48. Control and Instrumentation
  49. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  50. Electronic & Computer Engineering
  51. Food Science and Postharvest Technology
  52. Land Resource Planning and Management
  53. Mechanical Engineering
  54. Medical Laboratory Sciences
  55. Telecommunication & Information Engineering
  56. BSc GIS and Remote Sensing
  57. Bachelor of Urban Planning and Management
  58. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management
  59. Bachelor of Real Estate Management
  60. Piloting