Veterinary Medicine Admission Requirements in Kenya


Veterinary Medicine is one of the best degree/diploma courses to pursue in Kenya. The admission requirements for the course depend on whether one is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree, Masters, Diploma or certificate. In this artice, we shall provide details of admission requirements by specific universities and colleges.

Egerton University Bachelor Of Veterinary Medicine And Surgery admission requirements

Admission Requirements
All candidates must satisfy the following requirements:
i) Obtain minimum University admission requirement.
ii) In addition, they must have at least C+ grade in the following subjects drawn from the K.C.S.E (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination) or its equivalent: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics/Physics and English.
iii) Be holders of A-level or its equivalent with two principals and one subsidiary pass, one of which must be in biology and others from chemistry, physics and mathematics.
iv) Diploma holders who have passed with a minimum of credit in Animal Health, Animal Husbandry, Wildlife Management, Range Management and related disciplines from recognized institutions subject to Senate approval.
v) Be holders of a degree in Biological Sciences from institutions recognized by Egerton University senate.

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University of Nairobi Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine admission requirements

  1. Candidates eligible for admission to the above degree programmes will be required to be holders of the following qualifications:

3.1       A minimum of a C+ in KCSE with a C (plain) in biology or biological science and/any one of the following: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Physical Sciences, Geography.

3.2       Two principals and a subsidiary pass in KACE.  One of these passes must be in Biology and the other in any science subject.

3.3       A minimum of a C- (minus) in KCSE with a diploma in a biological science from a recognized institution.

3.4       Holders of a degree in a biological science from a recognized institution.

3.5       Any other qualification equivalent to any of the above, subject to Senate’s approval.

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