Why content is more important than YouTube subscribers—Don’t Ask People to Subscribe to your channels without good content


 I have received so many messages, people telling me to subscribe to their YouTube channels. You see, subscribing is not an issue, the main problem is the content I am coming to watch. One thing you should do before telling people to subscribe to your YouTube channel is to create good content. Even without inviting us, we will arrive in your channel if the content is good.

As a content creator, you shouldn’t be worried about subscribers, first create as many good videos as possible. If they are excellent, YouTube will suggest to us and we shall subscribe.

I have been creating content online since 2010 and from my personal experience, I have learnt that content is king. Normally, when I create a new blog, I don’t get worried about views, I create good articles, consistently and within 6 months, I start getting organic traffic. I have mastered the art of patience because I know there are millions of others with similar content. One secret I always reveal to other content creators/publishers is to focus on long-tail keywords. These are words people type when searching for content online. Normally, Google suggests blogs and channels with the best content.

I have discovered that most of you with YouTube channels get impatient a few days after creating your channels. Maybe you expected to create a channel today and within a week you have millions of subscribers. My friends, it’s not easy, you have to wait for more than a year to start getting reasonable number of views and subscribers. Here online, it’s not a goldmine—you can’t become a millionaire overnight.