5 Best Ways to make money online 2022


There are 5 best ways in which one can make money online this year 2022.Though many websites have a long list of ways one can make money online, from our end we shall only list 5 ways which are very common among bloggers. If you are planning to make money online, pick any of the five listed ways;

  • Blogging

Blogging can be done from any place, from your home, from your office, in the plane, in school and everywhere else. It gives you freedom to work without being given deadline.

To start a blog, you require a capital of $50 to $200.One of the best companies to launch your blog from is Bluehost. They will register your domain and offer you space to host your site. To register a new domain,click here to visit Bluehost website

After the blog is up, start creating and posting articles. Make sure all the articles are of high quality and friendly to readers. After 6 months of blogging, apply for AdSense.

  1. Minimum Requirements for AdSense
  2. You should be 18 years old and above
  3. You should own the blog
  4. Each of your articles should have 500 words and above
  5. Create at least 20 high quality articles before applying for AdSense
  6. Avoid adult content
  7. Use your own images
  8. Your content should be unique, quality and original
  9. High level domain is required
  10. Use premium WordPress template
  11. You should own a bank account for payment
  12. Your blog should have genuine traffic

Apply only when your blog meets the above requirements.

  • YouTube

It’s easy to make money from YouTube than any other platform. If you have high quality videos you wish to monetize, create a YouTube channel and upload the videos there. After the channel is at least one year old, apply for approval from Adense.Make sure that before applying, the channel has accumulated 4000 watch time hours and has over 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube will pay you more than $1 per 1000 views

  • Affiliate marketing

All the rich bloggers you know make their money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs pay marketers in terms of commissions. What you need to do is identify a niche with profitable programs, create a blog and share the links on the blog. Any time people purchase the products through the links you shared, you earn commissions.

I will highly recommend anyone wanting to become successful online to think about affiliate marketing.

It’s only the small bloggers and companies that use AdSense, the rest monetize with AdSense.

  • Cryptocurrency

You can also make money through cryptocurrency. Buy Bitcoins for as low as $1000 and sell for $2000 after few weeks. However, trading in Bitcoins require a lot of capital.

  • Through social media

Sell products on social media, run Facebook pages and earn through embedded videos. This is an era when making money from social media is a reality—don’t wait to be employed by someone, cut a niche for yourself on social media and become a millionaire.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, there are many companies spending money on advertisements, they target popular pages and personalities.

In addition to those 5 ways of making money online, below are other additional ways in which you can earn a living through online activities:

  • Buying and selling domains
  • Become virtual assistant
  • Develop and sell websites
  • E-commerce
  • Offer loans to your peer
  • Operate online taxi business
  • Academic writing
  • Data Entry jobs
  • Participate in paid surveys
  • CV and academic writing services
  • Offer online job board
  • Guest posting
  • Sponsored content
  • Sell old products like seats, clothes and motorcycles
  • Sell online courses
  • Offer professional services online
  • Offer sports tips