How much does AdSense pay per 100k views with USA Traffic


If you are monetizing with AdSense, 100k traffic from USA will pay you $300 to $500.The earnings depend on niche source of traffic and specific keywords used.

USA traffic is the best for any blogger, it pays higher than traffic from other regions. While for USA traffic you will earn up to $500, traffic from Africa and India won’t pay even $300.In fact, traffic from India is the worst, it will pay even less than $100 for 100k visits.

Below is a list of the highest niches for AdSense

Health–$400 for 100k US traffic

Web Hosting—$350 for 100k US traffic

Mortgage—$500 for 100k US traffic

Insurance—$500 for 100k US traffic

Loans—$500 for 100k US traffic

Pets—$400 for 100k US traffic

Banking—$350 for 100k US traffic

Make money online—$500 for 100k US traffic

Credit card—$400 for 100k US traffic

AdSense pays $0.05 to $50 per click for US traffic. If traffic is 100k,it will get over 200 clicks.

How to get 100k visitors per month

For a blog to get 100k visitors, it must post high quality content. Nowadays competition is stiff and there are many blogs posting high quality content—high quality and unique content is a MUST. Ensure that each of your articles receives above 1k views. If your blog has 100 articles and each article attracts 1k views, the total number of views are 100k or more.

As you post content,always aim at getting organic traffic because it attracts more clicks that social media traffic.You will focus on using high ranking long-tail keywords.

AdSense minimum monthly threshold is $70.With 100k monthly traffic, you are assured of earning every month.

The good thing about blogging is that you will not rely solely on AdSense. When companies discover that your content is good, they will start sending to you paid sponsored content. With 100k traffic, you will charge $70 to $300 per article. Adding this income to the AdSense earnings, each month you’ll pull in over $800.