7 Impactful Ways To Generate A Steady Income From YouTube


YouTube has taken over the video industry by a storm. Marketers are actively adopting video marketing to create compelling videos and enhance their brand recognition. 

Aside from the marketing aspect, there is a huge monetization potential that YouTube videos have that can help you generate a steady income.

Although the tips regarding how to make money from YouTube videos are in huge circulation, only a few tips are highly impactful that maximize the revenue potential that YouTube videos entail.  

Today, almost anyone can edit videos online to publish on YouTube and start earning money. 

If you are looking for ways regarding how to effectively monetize your YouTube videos, here are 7 highly effective ways that can help you with that.

7 Ways To Generate Revenue From YouTube Videos

While the thought of generating full-time or even passive income from YouTube videos feels enticing to many, it’s not the easiest thing. 

Due to the availability of some of the best video editing software, the amount of videos that are floating on the world’s largest video sharing platform is simply immense, and you would need your best foot forward to leverage the full potential of your YouTube videos. 

Here are the steps that can help you in your monetization endeavor.

1. Deploy affiliate links in videos

This is perhaps the easiest way to generate revenue from YouTube. You generate an affiliate link and place it in the description of your YouTube channel. 

When someone buys that product or service through that link, you earn a commission! It’s really that simple.

You can supplement this affiliate income by starting a blog and posting your videos along with the affiliate links. 

Through this, you are not entirely dependent on YouTube and have an additional expansive network.

2. Deploy YouTube Ads

YouTube benefits from the massive YouTube ad network and can help you massively in making money. 

You need to enroll your YouTube channel onto the YouTube partner program and make money from banner ads or ads that play directly in the video playback window.

However, enrolling for the YouTube ad network requires that your channel has amassed 4,000 viewed hours in the last 12 months along with 1,000 subscribers. 

Aside from these eligibility requirements, there are certain other Ad guidelines that you need to follow as well.

If you are worried about YouTube premium taking a cut from your ad viewership, you will be glad to know that YouTube still pays creators based on the percentage of total hours of videos viewed on your channel.

3. Get funds from your fans

If you have a loyal audience, getting funds from them might be a good idea. 

If your videos revolve around a subject that makes you ineligible for the YouTube partner program, sites like Patreon and Tipzaee can help you getting fan donations. 

Aside from these, YouTube also has a creator support program that enables creators to add a donate button right in their channel and receive donations from your fans right on the platform. 

An outro maker can help you in creating a well-crafted ending that includes CTA’s to help you in maximizing the funds that you get from your audience.

4. Emphasize on YouTube SEO

Proper video SEO enhances your video’s visibility and helps it gain traction on the platform. 

If you are just now stepping up your video creation game, proper SEO implementation can do wonders for your newly established channel.

You can begin by analyzing what people search and then use this data to create customized video tags, titles, and descriptions. 

Integrate high traffic and high-value keywords in your video description and see the SEO magic happen!

5. Deploy videos as a marketing medium

YouTube has surely taken an unshakable place in the video marketing domain. So, why shouldn’t your videos too do the same? 

You must craft each and every video as a promotional/marketinghttps://www.pulseproject.co/ channel and convey your sales pitch far and wide.

Just remember to not sound overly salesy and also focus on providing value to your viewers. 

Once you choose your niche and establish a channel, you can serve as an affiliate channel for sponsors that pay you a commission whenever any of your viewer’s purchases their product/service through your link.

6. Convert into an Amazon influencer

The Amazon influencer program is gaining enormous traction. 

By simply reviewing and recommending products listed on Amazon and helping the viewer make a purchase decision, you can earn around 8-10% commission of the amount spent by them.

Your viewers simply need to purchase the product through your affiliate link and voila! You get your commission! 

However, the Amazon affiliate program isn’t available for everyone to participate in. You must have a robust social media following and a fairly engaging audience to maximize your chances of getting enrolled.

7. Leverage the reach of YouTube Red subscribers

With the YouTube Red membership, viewers can pay $9.99/month and get an ad-free YouTube experience, along with exclusive YouTube Red content. 

YouTube’s policies dictate that even without playing ads, creators can earn 55% of their ad revenue that is solely calculated upon the total viewed hours.

Although the opinions of creators differ when it comes to establishing whether Red reduces or enhances the CPM rate, view time plays a key deciding role. 

You can rely on your channel’s analytics to gain more insights and access to stats like watch time, engagement, etc. to maximize your revenue potential from Red subscribers.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, generating a steady source of income from YouTube is possible, but is not entirely free of hurdles and may require quite a bit of an effort from your part. 

But, if you get everything right, the potential that YouTube has for generating revenue is simply immense and there are plenty of creators out there reaping the benefits.