Best Auditing and Accounting companies to work for in Tanzania



If you aim to work in a top audit firm in Tanzania, then you must work for one of the companies we list below. The best audit company is one that gives you the opportunity to grow as well as provides you with the best training. Fortunately, Tanzania has some of the best audit firms in East Africa.

Here is a list of best audit firms to work for in Tanzania


PWC is the best audit and accounting company to work for in the whole world. Since it has offices in Dar es Salaam, it automatically becomes the best company in this category to work for.

The auditing company employs mostly fresh graduates, trains and offers them employment.

PWC has the best salaries where fresh graduates earn more than Tsh 1 million.

Working at PWC is prestige, is a sign of success and a source of inspiration to many. This is the place to be if you really want to eat life with a big spoon


Just like PWC, Deloitte is another top audit firm in Tanzania. The Company is listed among the best four in the world.

Securing a job, even internship at Deloitte is a good start for your career.

Besides receiving good perks, you will be exposed to the world of auditing, taxation, actuarial science, risk management and research.

Earnest and Young

Earnest and Young, one of the oldest audit firms in the world ranks highly in terms of renumeration and employee training.

It is a motivation for any career person to realize that they have found the right company, exactly where they wanted to be, and EY is one of them.


KPMG has the best training for auditors and professionals who want to be successful in life. You can’t go wrong working for KPMG.

In order to get a job at KPMG you must pass well in university and at least possess a professional qualification.