Bachelor of Education Science Best Subject Combinations in Kenya


Bachelor of Education Science is offered by almost every university in Kenya. The best subject combination depends on whether those subjects are marketable or not. Majority of students always prefer weak subjects, thus ignoring subjects which need teachers urgently.

Every year, SC employs teachers and the first people to take in are those who have pursued combination of subjects that are on demand. In the modern world, the supply of teachers is higher than the demand, hence the need to take the best combination of subjects.

Based on the current demand of teachers, here are the best subject combination for Bachelor of Education Science:

Mathematics+ Physics


Mathematics + Chemistry


Computer studies/IT is the most marketable course. Every school needs someone who has superior skills in IT and if you have a combination of Physics and Computer related course, you’ll easily secure employment.

The worst combination at the moment for science teachers is Biology+Chemistry because almost everyone does that. Most teachers fear Physics, which is why there are few physics teachers in Kenya.

If you pursue Physics and Computer, you’ll secure employment ahead of everyone. But to get enrolled for BSc in Education with specialization physics, you must pursue physics in high school and score a good grade.