Best Business To Start with Ksh1,000 to Ksh 10,000 in Kenya


If you have a capital of Ksh1,000 to Ksh 10,000 we have a list of the best businesses to start with such a capital. Even with this low capital, you are capable of earning millions in profits each month. Some businesses may require a business license while others are not necessarily subjected to licensing.

Here is the full list of businesses to start with less than Ksh10,000 in Kenya:

  • Selling boiled eggs

If you are living in major towns like Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu and Busia, selling eggs along the streets will be a good business opportunity. The capital required is as little as Ksh 1,000. Buying one egg will cost Ksh8-10 and after boiling, you will sell the same for Ksh 20. If you sell 100 eggs in a day, you’ll earn a cool Ksh1,000.

When operating such a business, you can comfortably live in a Ksh 3,500 house in any town in Kenya.

  • Starting Mitumba Business

The average capital of starting Mitumba business in Kenya is Ksh10,000, but even with Ksh3,000, you can still start the venture. Wake up one morning, go to Gikomba and pick clothes that your eyes can spot, the most decent ones, then take to your estate and start selling them.

You will buy one mitumba shirt for Ksh70 and sell the same for Ksh 300.Even if you sell 4 shirts in a day, that’s enough money to pay your bills.

  • Shoe shining business

A capital of Ksh 3,000 to Ksh10,000 is enough to start shoe shining business. You require a towel, basin, some water, brush and shoe polish, which will cost less than Ksh 1,500. Buy a chair and start shining shoes along the streets of your town.One client will pay Ksh 50 to Ksh200.In a day,you need at least 10 clients so as to earn reasonable money.However,if you strategically position yourself,you’ll get up to 100 clients.

  • Become a blogger

To become a blogger, you require a capital of about Ksh 10,000. All you need is a domain name, a website and ways of making money from the blog.To register a domain name and pay for hosting, you need Ksh5,000 only, that’s if you choose Bluehost,click on this link to register your domain

Bloggers in Kenya earn through AdSense, MGID and affiliate marketing.

  • Become a professional gambler

If you are enthusiastic about football matches, you can opt to become a professional gambler, where you analyze matches and bet on a reliable betting site. Even Ksh100 is enough to start this business. I suggest that you register with 22Bet so as to get 100% welcome bonus,click on this link to register

  • Become a YouTuber

To own a YouTube, you don’t need any capital, it’s a free platform for those planning to make money through their videos. If you have funny videos, informative videos or videos that provide information about a certain event, upload them on YouTube. After one year, apply for monetization from AdSense. Minimum approval requirements are: at least 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

You can make more than Ksh100,000 every month if you have enough subscribers, at least 100,000 subscribers. YouTube pays $1-$1.5 per 1000 views.

  • Sell Samosa and Sausages

Kenyans nowadays love samosas and sausages, no wonder almost every farmer is rushing to do pig farming. One packet of sausages costs Ksh 120 in a supermarket. After roasting them, you’ll sell Ksh200, making a profit of Ksh80 per packet. In a day, you’ll sell 4 packets of sausages and several samosas. Operating costs are quite insignificant.

When operating this kind of business, you should be mobile— move along the streets to meet your clients.

  • Start a Kibanda for selling fruits and vegetables

A simple kibanda will cost Ksh5,000 to build. After building, you’ll need capital to buy fruits and vegetables. Groceries often start as simple kibanda and they grow over time.

Sukuma wiki, cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and onions are some of the best products to sell in a Kibanda.

  • Start hair dressing business from your home

Before you decide to set up a salon, start hair dressing business from your house. This business is ideal for women, especially those who understand salon business. Starting hair dressing business from your house is absolutely free.

  • Sell mandazi and chapati in estates

In every estate, there are people who sell mandazi and chapati, this business is a low budget one because it needs a capital of less than Ksh 5,000—you can even start with just Ksh1,000. What you need is a Sufuria, cooking oil and baking flour.

  • House cleaning business

In 2008 a friend of mine started the business of cleaning houses for neighbours. He had 10 women who she would distribute within the estate. Each of the clients used to pay Ksh500 to Ksh3,000 depending on the amount of work done. He started like a joke and now he has over 200 clients in Eastlands.This is work he started with zero capital and is how making more than Ksh5,000 daily.

In your estate, you can replicate the same and grow over time.

Sell products on Facebook

Create a page on Facebook, grow it and start selling products like shoes, clothes and beddings. You don’t have to own the products, go to where they are sold, take pictures and upload on Facebook accompanied with price tag. When someone orders the items, go to where to took picture, purchase the product and send to the buyer.

  • Rearing chicken

Capital for starting chicken rearing business can go as high as Ksh3 million and as low as Ksh 10,000 depending on the number of chicken you’ll be rearing. Kienyeji chicken are the best to start with because they don’t need too much attention. Ksh10,000 is enough to buy 30 chicks, grow them and sell after 3 months.

  • CV and Cover Letter writing

If you are good in Microsoft Office, start writing CVs and Cover Letters to job seekers. Promote your services on social media and let people contact you for the services. You don’t need any capital to start such a business.

After some time, create a blog for job advertising and HR Consultancy services.

  • Data Analysis services

Statisticians, mathematicians, actuaries and anyone with skills in data analysis can start this kind of business for less than Ksh10,000. You only need a laptop and social media pages to promote your services. After gaining few clients and delivering quality services, you’ll get referral from them. There are thousands of university students who need data analysis services.

  • Plant something in your farm

You can plant kales, managu, saga or spinach and sell in your local town.To start this type of farming, a capital of Ksh10,000 is enough.

Land is the only thing you need in order to start farming cheaply.

  • Become an Influencer on social media

Create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, promote them and make sure they become viral. After sometime, companies will approach you for marketing. You require zero capital to become an influencer.

  • Photography business

With just your phone, you can become a professional photographer and start making money online. Approach companies like Shutterstock to buy your photos. Local blogs will also be interested with your work if they realize that you produce excellent photos.

  • Participate in online paid surveys

Several companies pay Kenyans to participate in online surveys. What surprises me is that only a few people know about this. Here is the list of companies to join:

  1. Mobrog
  2. Triaba
  3. ipoll

No capital is required for one to participate in online surveys.