Best Professional Certification to pursue alongside a degree in Mathematics



A degree in Mathematics is the best course for individuals who are gifted in calculations, but it is more useful to graduates who have pursued at least a single professional certification alongside the course.

In the modern world, competition has increased tremendously even in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK where opportunities were plenty some years back. Due to this fact and in order to have an edge over your peers you have to supplement your undergraduate program with a professional course-this is where a professional certification comes in.

As a mathematician, you can decide to become an Actuary, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Economist, Auditor, Accountant, Business Analyst or Investment analyst, but all these depend on the kind of professional certificate you would pursue alongside your undergraduate course.

To begin with, the most sought after professional certification is Chartered Financial Analyst. If you pursue this certification alongside a degree in Mathematics, chances of  securing a job anywhere in this world are over 90 %.With a CFA and mathematics degree, you can become a Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Research Analyst or Investment Analyst.

Another powerful certification to pursue is ACCA, which is popular among accountants. This is particular important to a mathematician who wish to be an auditor or accountant. It is possible and has also happened to many professionals after making this combination.

If you wish to be an Auditor where you will work for popular audit firms like PWC, KPMG,Deloitte and Earnest & Young, the best professional qualifications to pursue include CIA and Certified Fraud Examiner-both are recognized globally and are highly relevant foe people who are mathematically gifted.

Finally, you can decide to pursue Geographical Information System courses and statistical tools like R,SPSS and Stata to become a data analyst.