Bloggers Income Reports, June 2020


Every month, bloggers reveal what they earned for 30 days through income reports. In the month of June 2020, a number of bloggers generated over $10,000 dollars. However, with the presence of COVID-19, some bloggers experienced dwindling returns.

The idea of making income reports public is to encourage other bloggers that blogging pays, it also encourages them to put more efforts in cresting useful content. There are a number of bloggers, especially newbies, who still believe that blogging is not lucrative. From the income reports listed below, you will clearly see that blogging is something worth a try.

Here is the amount of money bloggers earned in the month of June 2020.

  1. Ryrob–$43,000
  2. Lets Reach Success–$4,000
  3. Shoutmeloud–$40,000
  4. Simplifying College–$681
  5. The Twin cooking Project–$1397.12
  6. Make Sense of a Cent–$140,000
  7. Neil Patel–$500,000
  8. Blogger Passion–$200,000
  9. Linda Ikeji–$100,000
  10. Nairaland—$30,000
  11. Jamii Forums–$10,000
  12. Tuko News–$30,000
  13. Legit–$50,000

Some bloggers like, Neil Patel, have been in the industry for over a decade, their content is unique and useful. If you are keen enough, you’ll realize that most of their income is from affiliate marketing, sponsored content and direct advertising. The most popular affiliate program for these bloggers is Bluehost.If you also wish to sign up for the program,click on this link.Affiliate marketing works well for experienced bloggers who specialize on a particular niche.

Bloggers who manage to earn reasonable income understand how to use long-tail keywords that enable them to rank on page one of Google. A significant number of top bloggers rely heavily on organic traffic. One tool they exhaustively use in order to rank better is SEMrush. This one will show how your content ranks against your competitors. It also gives suggestions on which posts to write for you to rank better. The tool is provided for free for new bloggers. To sign up for SEMrush,click on this link

If you are a blogger who’s targeting revenue of more than $1,000 every month, you have to get more than 1 million page views. You should also target traffic from USA, UK,UAE,Canada and Australia. Traffic from India and Africa will not generate the much desired revenue.

For those intending to create a blog,you’ll need a capital of about $50.The best hosting company for small,medium and high traffic sites is Bluehost.You will register your domain for $11 and pay hosting fee of $3.95 per month.To create a free hosting account,click on this link

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As a blogger, you will make money from AdSense, MGID,Taboola.Mediavane,affiliate marketing, selling e-books, sponsored content or direct banner advertisements. The amount of money you’ll earn lies solely on your efforts.