Is a Course in forestry and Natural Resource Management Marketable in Kenya



Forestry is a rare course studied in Kenyan public universities. Though the course looks good on paper, it’s not marketable in Kenya.

Latest statistics show that over 70 % of students who pursued the course are currently jobless and deperate.The remaining 30 percent are either working in banks or NGOs.The figure is worrying especially for students who are pursuing forestry course in Kenya.

Before we go into institutions that offer jobs in forestry, I would like to state that in order to stand a chance of being employed in Kenya, you must score at least first class in college or upgrade your studies to masters level. This will give you an upper hand over other students.

The best institutions that employ forestry graduates in Kenya include KARI, Ministry of Agriculture, KWS, KEFRI,ICRAF,United Nations and ICIPE.You can also be employed as a lecturer if you have a masters degree.