Is a degree in Music and performing arts marketable in Kenya



A degree in music and is offered by few universities in Kenya and for sure it’s not so marketable in Kenya unless a graduate decides to venture into music and performing arts related courses.However,there are few areas you can get a job with this degree.

Some of the areas you can get a job in Kenya include the ministry of youth, media houses in Kenya, universities and colleges and National theatre.

The government and private sector create not more than 1,000 jobs annually, making it hard for performing arts graduates to get jobs in these sectors, which require graduates to be innovative. One thing you should do is venture into business. One such business is starting a recording company for secular as well as gospel music. The other thing a graduate should do is put aside his certificates and start business not related to his career. There are several profitable businesses you can do in Kenya that require low capital; such businesses include online store, juice blending, fast food restaurant and MPESA.

Though details of performing arts salaries are scanty but according to our research, the average salary for a fresh graduate is Ksh40,000.