EABL Salaries in Kenya


EABL is one of the best paying private institutions in Kenya. Salaries of employees vary based on the job title and the amount of experience one has accumulated. The highest paid employee at EABL is the CEO who takes home Ksh 7.5 million per month. The lowest paid are interns who take home Ksh 25,000 every month.

Sales Executives are the majority in the organization and their monthly pay range between Ksh 40,000 and Ksh 120,000. The good thing is that they are also paid per diem on regular occasions. The most experienced sales executives earn up to Ksh200,000 per month.

At EABL, Assistant Managers earn between Ksh150,000 and Ksh250,000 per month while managers pocket upwards of Ksh300,000 each. Accountants, HR officers and other officers with a degree course and at least 3 years of experience take home between Ksh180,000 and Ksh250,000 every month.

Receptionists earn Ksh 45,000 –Ksh 120,000 per month depending on one’s professional experience. Drivers at EABL are paid Ksh 40,000 and above. More than half of the drivers earn more than Ksh 80,000.

EABL also recruits graduate trainees almost annually where they are paid Ksh 120,000 as the starting salary after undergoing two years training. Graduate Trainees must possess at least undergraduate degree, experience is not necessary.

Generally, when you are an employee of EABL,you expect to earn more than Ksh80,000 after three years with the company.


  1. How can i get a job in EABL as carsual worker or general worker in eabl company my no is 0741450131 pliz can you help me find job am a form four level in education.