Ford Motor Co. of Canada Salaries. This is One of the Best Paying Companies in Canada



Ford Motor Co.of Canada is one of the best paying companies in the country. The salaries at the firm are evenly distributed between the lowest paid and those who earn the most. If you are a Canadian and want to work at Ford Motors, these are the salaries you should expect.

Intern 3,500-4,500
Customer Care/Front Office 2,800-3,500
Graduate Trainee 3000-5,000
Sales Executive 5,500
Accountant 6,200
Communication Executive 5,300-6,200
Sales Operations Analyst 4,700-5,200
Parts Manager 7,100-8,200
Finance Manager 9,500-12,000
HR Manager 9,300-11,500
Industrial Engineer 7,450-8,100
Marketing Plans Manager 9,000-11,500
Industrial Engineer 8,700-11,200
Finance Director 12,000-15,000

Ford Motor Co.of Canada pays employees depending on professional experience and job title. The lowest paid employees at the company are front office staff, which earn between $2,800-$3, 500, followed by interns with university degree.

The best paying careers in this company include company lawyer, who earns between $10,000-$15,000 per month, finance related duties, engineers,CEO and HR department. If you hold any position in the finance department, you will pocket something between $ 7,000-$ 15,000 per month.

We have established that the longer you stay at the company the better; employees who have stuck with the company for at least 3 years have received accumulated salary of not less than $3,000 while those who have worked for the company for at least 5 years earn not less than $6,000 per month, regardless of the position they hold.

What is more exciting about this company is that besides paying attractive salaries, the company offers other benefits, which include commissions on sales, annual bonuses and allowances.