How to Get NGO Jobs in Tanzania



NGO jobs are among the best paying jobs in Tanzania.Many graduates strive to secure these jobs due to flexibility of the jobs and renumeration.If you indeed want to join the NGO setor,here is what to do.

The first thing is to identify the ideal courses that would propel you into this wonderful sector.We have identified the following courses,which you will choose from:


Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Planning and Management

Environmental Science

GIS and Remote Sensing

Public Relations

International Relations


Bachelor of Economics and policy

Political Science

Natuaral Resource Management

HIV related courses


Public Health

Medicine and Surgery


From above list, you can pick a course which you believe excites you.

Once you have completed your degree course, ensure you always go online to search for NGO jobs. But I can assure you these jobs are rare. So what you do is simply start small, which means you should seek for internship or volunteer positions. Remember your aim is to join NGO sector by all means.

While seeking opportunities in this sector, please make sure you do some charity work and volunteer activities for other organization so that the experience you garner would add value to your CV.Volunteerism and charity work is very important for whoever is seeking a place at an international NGOs

Be consistent in your application because this is the only way you can land a job at an NGO.

Another important thing you should do is develop networks. By the way, knowing someone at an NGO,even if it’s a security officer, will help you know what goes on in such offices. The first thing you should do is attend conferences organized by NGOs and government institutions. In such conferences you will have a chance to meet senior officials from NGOs.Occasionally they would want to know more about you, and this is where you introduce yourself and state your ambitions.

The last thing and most important point is to have your CV written by a professional company. A neat CV will boost your chances of landing a job.