Graduate Trainee Salaries in Kenya



Graduate Trainees are employed by companies to undergo training and get employed by respective companies after training. Salaries for graduate trainees vary depending on industry and companies offering them employment.

The highest paid graduate trainees are those employed by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Kengen, Kenya Airports Authority and Communication Authority of Kenya. These graduates start earning over Ksh 100,000 before they complete training.

The lowest paid graduate trainees are those employed by banks, SACCOs and some manufacturing companies. The average salary for a graduate trainee in these sectors is Ksh45, 000.However; companies like Co-operative bank, NIC and Standard Chartered Bank pay graduate clerks over Ksh65, 000.

Generally, if you are invited for interview for graduate trainee position, the salary you expect in Kenya is Ksh50,000-Ksh80,000.

Audit firms like PWC, KPMG, Deloitte and Earnest&Young pay graduate trainee Ksh 75,000-Ksh120, 000.While insurance companies like UAP, Old Mutual and Britam pay graduate trainees Ksh 45,000-Ksh75, 000.

Kenya Revenue Authority, which employs graduate trainees each year, pay them starting salary of Sh68, 000 but increase it to Ksh80, 000 after training.

Kenya Airports Authority, the highest paying institution in this category, pays graduate trainees Ksh130, 000 as starting salary.

BAT Kenya pays graduate trainees Ksh80, 000-Ksh130, 000 while Unilever and East African breweries pay up to Ksh120, 000.