How much do bloggers make per post


The amount of money bloggers make per post depends on how they monetize their traffic, the number of clicks, cost per click and niche of a blog. A post with 1,000 views will make $1.5 on average. If a post gets 10,000 views, it will earn $20 from AdSense.

Let’s assume traffic is from USA and money is generated from AdSense. The CPC for USA traffic is $0.30.The amount of money you’ll earn per post from AdSense is as follows:

100 views—$0.60

1000 views—$3

5,000 views—$15

10,000 views—$30

12,000 views—$40

15,000 views—$45

20,000 views—$60

50,000 views—$100

100,000 views—$200

500,000 views–$1000

1 million views—$2000

2 million views—$4000

It really hard to get a post with more than 100,000 views; majority of the articles get 100 to 10,000 views.

The income from affiliate marketing is determined by the number of sales one makes. You can’t exactly tell how much a post will make, some will generate $1000 others zero. For web hosting affiliate programs, an article with 1,000 views will make at least one sale, meaning that a post can make more than $10 with 1,000 views. Surprisingly, even a post with 10 views can make $200 when it comes to affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn more money from a blog post, ensure that the traffic is organic and originates from USA or Europe. Traffic from India and Africa is poor, avoid it as much as possible.