How to make $1,000 in One minute Online


I have earned $1,000 in one minute and I wondered whether it was my money or not. The likes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos earn more than $100,000 per minute each .in most cases online businesses are the ones which can generate this amount of money. In this article, I will tell you want to do.

  • Become a blogger

As a blogger, you can create a blog post, it goes viral and you earn over $1,000 within a minute. A particular blog post can be on demand worldwide and if millions of people are searching for the content at the same time, you’ll certainly make a lot of money that day.

If you have not yet started your own blog, don’t hesitate—this is your time. Set aside $50 only, visit Bluehost and register a domain name for free, then buy hosting plan for $2.95 only.To visit Bluehost,click on this link

Create a WordPress site within a day.

The first few months will be tough for you but after few months of regular posting, you’ll break even. I can guarantee you that there is a post you’ll create one day that will generate over $1,000 per minute.

  • Start an ecommerce website

Another thing that will guarantee you even more than $1000 per minute is an ecommerce website like Amazon. You need a few years of aggressive marketing before getting near the likes of Amazon. When you get there, earning $1,000 won’t be a big deal.

  • Affiliate marketing

In a good day, affiliate marketing products will generate for you even $100,000.There are products like Bluehost which make huge sales especially towards December or when they are running a promotion. Bluehost pays $65 to $120 per sale. Assuming that an article you wrote about the company is trending and you make 1000 sales per hour, meaning that you’ll earn up to $120,000 per hour. This money may not look real but I have seen affiliate marketers earn it.By the way if you want to promote Bluehost products,sign up here

Another example is a site like 22Bet.I promote 22Bet and I know how profitable it is.You know, this is one affiliate product that generates recurring income for you, they pay up to 45% of the money players lose. There was one Saturday I earned $100,000 because all the big teams lost —no player made profits. You can also register and start promoting 22Bet,click here to register

  • Buy and sell Bitcoins

If you join the business of buying and selling of Bitcoins, you’ll make even $1000, 000 in one minute. This business is risky but very profitable. There are people who bought Bitcoin for $1000 and sold the same for $10,000,000 within a month.

  • Real Estate business

Real Estate is where the likes of Warren Buffet invest. Though capital required is huge, the returns are quite handsome.

  • Forex Trading

Today you’re a loser, tomorrow a millionaire—that’s the idea behind forex trading.In a good day, you’ll even earn $1000,000 per minute.

If you are truly a risk taker, join forex trading and see how you can become an overnight millionaire.

  • Play lotteries and major jackpots.

Another good risk to take is playing lotteries and major jackpots where millions of dollars are contested. Today you are living in a thatched house, tomorrow in one of the richest neighbourhoods in USA.Since everything we do on earth involves taking risks,why not play lotteries.