How much does google AdSense pay per click in Nigeria


AdSense pays Nigerian publishers 68% percent of the income generated through their blogs. Cost Per Click(CPC) ranges between $0.01 and $0.50 depending on the type of keywords attracting the clicks. More than 50% of bloggers earn $0.05 per click in Nigeria.

High traffic websites pull in the highest amount of income with some earning as high as $20,000 per month.

What exactly determines cost per click for AdSense income in Nigeria?

Geographical location of your traffic

If your content attracts most of its visitors from Europe or USA, you are likely to get high CPC.Normally, traffic from those countries have CPC of more than $0.20. In Africa, only South Africa traffic has the best CPC.Each click from South Africa will generate more than $0.10

Nigerian traffic rarely generates $0.05 per click because the budget for advertising on Google is low.

  • Niche of your blog

Some of the lowest paying niches in Nigeria include: News, entertainment, lifestyle and politics. The traffic for these niches is high but the amount earned is low. A single click generates income of below $0.05.

Best paying Niches for Nigerian bloggers are: Web hosting, banking, oil and gas, health and insurance. But traffic for these niches is low.

  • Type of traffic your site gets

There are three types of traffic you expect on your blog: Organic, social and direct. If your blog does not attract organic traffic, you’ll earn low income. Organic traffic originates from search engines, implying that those visiting your site have interest in the adverts on it and they are likely to click on the AdSense adverts. Social traffic is important but it has low click through rate.

  • Positioning of the banners

Banners placed at the header or in the articles generate higher income than those below the posts. Always ensure that the banners are positioned not far from the header or main content.

In Nigeria, you manage to get 500,000 page views per month, you’ll earn at least $400.For those receiving 1 million visitors, their monthly income from AdSense is in excess of $1,200.