What is considered a low traffic website


A Low traffic website is one that receives less than 100,000 monthly page views. Normally, low traffic websites are hosted with Shared Hosting plans. High traffic websites get over 300,000 monthly page views.

On daily basis, low traffic websites receive 0-5,000 page views. This number of visitors won’t strain hosting servers, which is why such websites are lumped together in a single server.

Normally, low traffic websites are either new or not authoritative enough in their respective niches. With a low traffic blog, you don’t have to host it under VPS or Dedicated server—choose shared hosting. Bluehost is the best hosting company for such websites. The cost of hosting a low traffic website ranges between $10 and $50 per year. On Bluehost,select Shared hosting($2.95) and migrate your site to their services,click on this link to visit Bluehost website