How to Become Rich Quickly in Kenya


There are many ways of becoming rich quickly in Kenya especially if you are an aggressive person. Most of the money in the country is in the hands of few individuals, it’s upon you to look for a way of taking some from them through genuine ways. In order to become rich quickly, you can use the following routes:

  • Start a profitable business

One genuine way of becoming rich in Kenya quickly is by running a profitable business. There is a business you can start with just Ksh 100,000 and end up making over Ksh100,000 daily in the long run. Such businesses include, Hotel business, Pub, real estate, hospital/clinic, pharmaceutical company, hardware and oil business. There are over 20 most profitable businesses to do in Kenya.

  • Bet for available jackpots in Kenya

This idea is a crazy one but has helped several Kenyans to become rich quickly. There are over 10 betting companies offering jackpots in Kenya, some of them paying as much as Ksh 300 million to winners. Spending just Ksh100 might change your life completely.

Alongside betting on jackpots, you can bet on football matches and win huge amounts from multibets.One of the best betting sites to use is 22Bet,it offers up to Ksh15,000 welcome bonus,click on this link to register at 22Bet

  • Join traffic police department

Fight to join the police, then get someone to help you get deployed to the traffic police department. Within 5 years, you’ll be a new millionaire in town.

  • Work for KRA Customs Department

KRA workers in the Customs Department are among the richest people in Kenya. There is a lot of money in this department.

  • Win a political seat

Politicians are the riches people in Kenya. Even if you become an MCA, you’ll quickly amass wealth and become rich. The most attractive political seats are the MP and governor positions.

  • Get married to a rich person

If you are from a poor background, you can change your misfortunes by getting married to a rich man. All you need is to strategically position yourself so that rich people can get access to you. There are women who become instant millionaires after getting married to rich men. For women it’s easy to get married by a rich man but for a man, it’s very hard to get a rich woman who is interested in you.

  • Get a huge government tender

Do you know you can get one government tender and become an instant millionaire? But you should be well connected to people who matter in the government for you to get paid. One tender can earn you even Ksh 2 billion.

  • Start shylock business

Shylock business is a risk one but it pays a lot. Most shylocks charge up to 100% of the money they lend people.

  • Become a consultant in your area of expertize

Consultancy is one area that pays handsomely. If you are a medical doctor, lawyer,psychologist or any other career where consultancy is needed, open an office and market yourself. I know of a couple of psychologists making over Ksh1 million per month. Doctors especially those with private clinics are also raking in millions of money.

  • Sell items which do not pay tax

Tax takes over 20% of your income annually. There are items which don’t attract tax, those are the ones you should focus on. Alternatively, start making money online and avoid paying tax—you’ll become rich quickly.