How To Earn N1 million Per Month in Nigeria



Earning N1 million in Nigeria is not an easy task, you must stand out.

For you to earn this crazy salary, you have to know one or two things, which I am going to reveal below.

University course

Your journey towards N1 million monthly pay starts from college. When joining university, you must cleverly choose a degree program with the potential of huge rewards. Based on the current job market, the following are the highest paying university courses in Nigeria:

  1. Piloting
  2. Performing arts
  3. Journalism and mass communication
  4. Bachelor of Medicine
  5. Bachelor of Law
  6. Chartered Financial Analyst
  7. Oil and Gas Engineering
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Actuarial science
  10. Software Engineering

After identifying a suitable degree program then identify the best university to join. From previous experience, students who pursue their education from UK, USA, Australia or Canada tend to earn more than those who graduate from Nigerian universitites.What you should do in this case is to apply for online scholarships, which are in thousands.

Identify a well-paying company

After college, identify a company which pay fresh graduates in excess of N50, 000.Some of the well-paying industries include real estate, NGO,oil & gas, telecommunications, insurance and civil engineering companies.

Some of the well-known paying companies in Nigeria include:

Dangote Industries

Oil companies

World Bank

United Nations


IBM and Google

If you land a job in any of the listed companies, you will eventually earn at least N1 million per month.

Join politics

If you have passion in politics, here is where you can easily make N1 million per month.

The journey in politics can be rough but if you are lucky to be a governor or hold a senior position in government, you will certainly earn over N1 million per month.

Seek top positions in companies

If you have the opportunity to work for a company in Nigeria, you won’t be satisfied with your pay until you seek senior positions. The positions you should target include:

  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. Chief Finance Officer
  3. Chief Operations Officer
  4. Director HR
  5. Director Finance
  6. Director Procurement and Purchasing
  7. Director Sales and Marketing

Such positions pay upwards of N1 million per month in many top companies.

Identify your talent

Talent pays more than education. In Nigeria if you become a top actor/actress or a talented footballer, nothing will prevent you from earning even N10 million per month.

Upgrade your education to PhD level

If you have a chance, pursue education to PhD level. By doing this, you have a chance to work for international NGOs as a consultant, where your salary will be ranging from N1 million to N10 million per month.

Start a business venture

Business is the only venture which can assure you of wealth. I know the world has less than 12 % entrepreneurs, but it won’t be a miracle if you are one of them.

If possible you can do online business or have business in Lagos, one of the busiest towns in Nigeria.