How to Make Money Online in Pakistan 2021


There are several ways of earning money online in Pakistan especially this year,2021, when most people are working from home. Thousands of graduates are already earning decent money through various online channels. If you also want to make money online in Pakistan, here are the methods to use:

  • YouTube

YouTube is a free platform which is owned by Google. The platform is free for anyone with videos they wish to post online and make money. You can make upwards of $1000 per month from YouTube if you manage to get more than 100,000 subscribers.

In order to be eligible to earn money, your YouTube channel must be above 12 months old with over 4,000 watch hours. It should also have more than 1,000 subscribers. You will then apply for AdSense.

  • Blogging

Blogging is another way of earning money online in Pakistan. A blogger needs a website which he will be using to communicate with his audience. To create a blog, you need on average $100.The best web hosting company to buy web hosting services and a domain name is Bluehost.If you want their services,click on this link to visit the company’s website

The capital for starting a blog in Pakistan ranges between $100 and $300.You will then start posting relevant content to your niche and apply for AdSense.In case AdSense does not approve your site,register for MGID.To register,click on this link

As a blogger, you will struggle to break even the first few months but after two years, you’ll earn in excess of $2000 if the unique visitors are above 500,000 per month.

  • Data Entry online jobs

Several companies in Pakistan offer data entry online jobs to students and graduates interested in earning money online. Most of the jobs pay once the job is complete. Your work is to identify a company with data entry jobs and apply to get tasks. Most of them will pay over $20 per day for jobs completed.

  • Web Design

If you know how to design websites, come up with social media pages where you advertise your skills, then create a professional website for your services. Web Design can be done by anyone with such skills. You will charge $100 to $1500 to design a single website.

  • Participate in online surveys

There are a number of companies which pay individuals participating in their surveys. But you have to register in order to participate in the surveys. Registration is usually free.

Some of the best online survey companies in Pakistan include:

  1. DRT Solutionz.
  3. TGM Panel.
  4. Paid Surveys at Microsoft.

Join all of them and start earning money online.

  • Academic writing

There are local and international academic writing companies that will supply you with jobs on daily basis. These companies pay handsomely, some as much as $20 per page. Alternatively, you can form your own company which you will use to source jobs online and offline.

The jobs are from university, high school and college students who are too busy to complete assignments.

  • Selling products on e-commerce websites

Create your own e-commerce website which you will use to sell products online or identify a website which you will post your products and make money from it. Some websites owners will charge you money to place the products on their sites.

If you are patient enough, create your own e-commerce site and display all your products there. Advertise the website on Facebook and Google. You will eventually start getting customers.

  • Become social media influencer

Social media provides a good opportunity to earn money online. Influencers are individuals who are popular on social media and help to popularize brands. If you manage to grow your social media to get millions of followers, you will easily get companies to advertise on the pages and in the process earn money. Some influencers make more than $1000 per post.

There is nothing magical to do as an influencer, you only need to grow your pages and wait for companies to knock on your door.

  • Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is allowed by other bloggers and companies. Create useful posts and sell to media houses and bloggers. The cost of writing one post ranges between $20 and $1000 depending on the length, quality and niche. Some pay up to $3000 per post especially those in the Web hosting and casino niches.

  • Offer Tax services

There are several people here in Pakistan who don’t know how to submit tax returns. This is something you can easily venture into, help them and in return earn money.

  • Sell products on Facebook and Instagram

Instagram and Facebook are two social media platforms where you can sell products like clothes, shoes, smartphones and electronics. The products are advertised on your pages or popular pages with relevant content. Once an order has been made, deliver the product to the buyer as a parcel.

  • Developing websites and Apps

There are many people here online who create websites, develop them and sell. I know of a friend who developed a website related to news until it became popular. The blog was getting over 500,000 visitors per month. He sold it for $5000 to a media house.

  • Buy and sell domain names

Another good business to do online is buying and selling of domain names. The more a domain name exists, the more it becomes valuable, it’s like wine. You can buy a domain name for $10 today and sell the same for $3000 in two years.

  • Digital marketing

Create a website to sell products for other companies online. Some of the products to sell include rental houses and land. There are people selling land and they need someone to advertise the products online. If you come up with a website that links buyers and sellers of land and houses, you’ll make good cash online.

  • Advertise jobs online/CV and Cover Letter writing

Create a blog to advertise jobs online. Companies will pay as high as $40 to advertise a single job. You will also provide CV and cover letter writing services.

These are easy tasks that can be performed by anyone especially with knowledge of Microsoft Word.

  • Create a dating site

Create a site where you connect people looking for love online. Members will pay registration fee at least ones a year. The dating site will be very popular in Pakistan because not many sites of this nature exist here.

  • Affiliate marketing

If you look at my site, you’ll notice that it has several banners and links, those are for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing pays better than AdSense especially in relation to niche websites. As an affiliate marketer, you will earn money through the products you promote online. Companies will pay you commissions, which is a percentage of the total sales.

In affiliate marketing, you are only paid when a product is sold through your link.

I am one pf those who have done affiliate marketing for several years, over 5 years now. I started on a bad note but over time, by affiliate income has been rising steadily. Currently, I pull in over $10,000 per month. Nobody will convince me to leave affiliate marketing to AdSense.