How to Make Money with Your smartphone in South Africa


In South Africa, a smartphone will generate an income for you, there are a number of ways to make money through your smartphone either offline or online. We are going to discuss a number of ways in which you will use your phone to make money. Since this is a tech savvy generation, I won’t be surprised everyone opting to make money online at the expense of seeking job opportunities in formal offices.

  • Become a blogger

A smartphone and internet will enable you to create your own blog and start making money online. As a blogger, you need a domain name, hosting package, a website and how to make money through your phone. A capital of $50 to $100 is required. For domain registration and hosting package,click on this link

You also need a premium WordPress theme for your website,follow this link to get a premium theme from Themeforest

In South Africa, most bloggers make money through AdSense, MGID, Mediavine, Ezoic or affiliate matketing. Once your blog is up and running, apply for one of these platforms and start generating money.

Participate in online paid surveys

There are a number of survey companies which pay participants through mobile money transfer. You only need a smartphone for registration and participation.

Below is a list of paid survey companies in South Africa you should join:

  1. LifePoints.
  2. Panel Station
  3. Global Test Market
  4. PrizeRebel
  5. SurveySavvy
  6. Toluna South Africa
  7. Cinchbucks
  8. Paid Viewpoint
  9. Triaba
  10. Mobrog
  11. OnePoll
  12. Toluna
  13. Swagbucks
  14. SurveyNow
  15. Survey Centric
  16. Survey Junkie

Participants are paid upon completion of the survey questions, they earn depending on the number of questions answered and the type of survey participated in. If you register with 5 companies and above, you’ll earn more than R5,000 every month.

  • Affiliate marketing

There are two ways in which you can promote affiliate marketing effectively: through social media and through a niche blog. If you want to earn money quickly and through your smartphone, social media is the best platform to promote affiliate marketing products.

First, look for a reliable company with affiliate program, register and get a link which you will be sharing on social media. But we strongly advise you to create a niche blog because it will provide regular traffic that will see your income grow exponentially. Creating a blog will not cost more than R3,000. To get started,follow this link and register your domain name

Here is a list of some of the affiliate programs to join and start making money with your smartphones in South Africa.

  1. Loot – 5% Commission of the first order.
  2. Zasstra – 5% Commission.
  3. Mantality – 10% Commission.
  4. Zalemart – 5% Commission.
  5. 4aKid – Up to 20% Commission.
  6. Bid or Buy – Up to R100 per new user referred.
  7. Future Light – 7% Commission
  8. Itoys
  9. Wonga
  10. Makro

Majority of the affiliate programs in South Africa pay in terms of commissions. The commissions are paid only when an affiliate makes a sale. The good thing is that if you own a niche blog, you can make up to R200,000 per month.

  • Become an Influencer

Influencers use their smartphone to develop content on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are their main earning platforms. For one to become an influencer, they have to create pages and grow them to gain more than 1 million followers. If your content is good, companies will advertise on your pages. Some companies in South Africa pay upwards of R10,000 per sponsored post.

During the period you’re an Influencer, you’ll only use your Smartphone to post on your pages and in the process earn money through your creativity and hard work.

  • Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a platform where bloggers and marketers post videos for income from AdSense. In this platform, the more viral your video, the more you earn.

Only a smartphone is needed to accomplish your mission on YouTube. Earning is basically from AdSense. One is only allowed to monetize the content after their videos get at least 4,000 hours of watch time and1,000 subscribers. The YouTube channel should also be at least 12 months old.

If your videos have high engagement and able to attract 1 million views, AdSense will pay you at least R10,000 per month.

  • Sell Photos online

Take photos with your smartphone and sell them online. Some bloggers would be happy to buy your photos and videos. You will also sell to various online companies that buy photos. Below is a list of some of the companies buying photos online:

  1. Getty Images
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock
  4. 500px
  5. Stocksy
  6. Can Stock Photo
  8. Adobe Stock
  9. Fotolia
  10. PhotoDune
  11. Alamy
  12. Twenty20
  13. Depositphotos
  14. Dreamstime
  15. GL Stock Images
  16. EyeEm
  17. Image Vortex
  18. Crestock
  19. 123RF
  20. Foap

You will sell one photo for up to R1,000

  • Sell products on social media

Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can sell your products and make money through your phone. Create social media pages, take photos with your phone, share them on Facebook and wait for clients to call. Occasionally, sponsor your posts to get more buyers.

Your phone will do almost 100% of the work needed.

  • Register your car with Uber

Uber is an online App that enables South Africans to make money with their phone. First, they should register their cars with Uber, then star t picking customers and dropping them in destinations and get paid. The Uber App is used by customers to choose a car near them and also make payment based on the distance travelled and duration taken on the road.

One car will generate more than R4,000 every month.

  • Offer CV and cover letter writing services

Advertise your skills online, especially on social media to get clients. Grow your social media platforms by sharing career advisory services and tips on how to create a CV. In the process, you’ll get clients who pay for CV and cover letter writing services.

  • Start Forex Trading

Forex Trading can be done through your smartphone. Identify a suitable Forex Trading company, join it and start trading. A capital of R5,000 to R2,000 is required. An experienced Forex Trader can earn in excess of R1million per month.

  • Make money through selling of smartphones

Start an electronics shop and make money by selling smartphones. Smartphone business is one of the most profitable businesses in South Africa. By selling smartphones, it means you are making money through a smartphone.

  • Start phone repair shop

If you possess skills in smartphone repair, open a shop in a major town that repairs smartphone and start making money. Phone repair companies are very few in South Africa, this is a wonderful opportunity to start making money through your smartphone.

  • Start offering mobile loans

You can also develop an App that offers mobile loans to the citizens. Target a certain group of individuals, e.g. salaried employees. Those taking loans through the App will pay with a small interest after a certain period of time.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can take the role of moderating Facebook and Twitter content, responding to emails for companies, offer data entry services and manage online databases for clients. This work is done through smartphones. When someone completes a task, they get paid.

  • Do Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is an important business opportunity for those with smartphones. Take photos of products you spot online, post them on social media as if you are selling them. When someone orders an item, contact the seller to drop them to the buyer. In the process, you’ll earn a commission.