Jobs at Mumbai Airport and Salaries



Mumbai Airport employs several Indians and people from outside the country. There are several job opportunities at this airport, some for experienced graduates while others for inexperienced school leavers. The salaries paid for employees at this airport vary depending on the type of job they do and the amount of experience they have accumulated over years.

Some of the jobs you can get at Mumbai Airport are as follows

Sales Executive

Sales Executive jobs are the most common jobs that are advertised by companies located at the airport. The average salary of a sales executive at this location is 15k per month but those who join as managers earn even more than 30k per month.

Cabin Crew Jobs

Cabin Crew Jobs are far too many in Mumbai Airport simply because this location is where passengers are flown to many destinations in the world. In order for a plane to fly, there must be cabin crew and pilots, but the number of cabin crew must exceed that of doctors.

Cabin Crew staff at Mumbai Airport earn at least 35k per month, but it all depends on the company you work for.

Clearing and forwarding officers

Clearing and forwarding officers are also required at Mumbai Airport. These people work at logistics companies, aviation companies and clearing & forwarding companies located at Dubai Airport.

For you to be employed as a clearing and forwarding officer, you must possess at least a diploma in clearing and forwarding or at worst a certificate related to this field.

Front office staff

Front office jobs are also very common at Mumbai Airport. At least every company located at Mumbai Airport requires a secretary or front office staff to reply to emails, welcome visitors and perform other secretarial duties as assigned.

This particular job attract monthly salary of at least 10k with other benefits.

If you possess at least a certificate in front office, you can drop your CV at any company located in Mumbai Airport.


Piloting is the best career in India and so far one of the best paying jobs in Mumbai Airport. This job attracts a monthly salary of at least 100k with other attractive benefits. In Mumbai Airport, there are plenty of this jobs, most of them offered without many restrictions or rigorous interviews.

Customer Care

Customer Care jobs are also in plenty at Mumbai Airport. Several companies employ these staff so as to make calls and attend to clients in their front offices.

If you pursued at least a diploma in customer care from an Indian university, you can drop your CV to any company located in Mumbai Airport.

Ticket Counter Representative

Ticket Counter Representative is someone who deals with ticketing for passengers. This position does not require specific skills, as long as you know how to read and write, simply apply for it and you will be invited for interviews.

Aeronautical/Mechanical/Aerospace/Electrical engineers

These kind of jobs are for people with rare skills and qualifications, fortunately they are plenty in Mumbai Airport. If you possess Aeronautical engineering from any recognized university, please visit Mumbai Airport and drop you job application to any aviation company located inside the airport.


Loaders are jobs for people who don’t possess university degrees. With a high school certificate, you can secure this opportunity in Mumbai Airport.

A loader works for logistics and clearing & forwarding companies located in this airport. They do donkey work—loading and offloading luggage from airplanes and trucks in the airport.

If you are desperately looking for a job at Mumbai Airport, you can personally visit the airport and drop your application letter or simply apply online.

Accountant and business professionals

Accountants are also needed by all companies in Mumbai Airport. These jobs are very competitive but those people who possess a business related course and CFA or ACCA are likely to be considered for available vacancies.

Communication and HR experts

Almost every company in Mumbai Airport has human resources and communication departments. There are several employment opportunities in this airport to be grabbed. If you possess a degree in human resource or communication, this is the place to apply for employment.

Messengers/tea girls

Messengers are also needed at Mumbai Airport. This job though small can pay you what can make you going. Several companies within the airport employ messengers, who possess absolutely no academic certificates.

Security officers

Security officers are other people who are employed at this airport. This kind of a job is the most common and easiest to get in this airport.

If you possess a degree in criminology and forensic science, it’ll be easier for you to get a managerial position.