Journalists Salaries in Kenya



Journalism is a well-paying profession in Kenya especially if an individual becomes a news anchor. The salary of a well-paid journalist in the country is equivalent to what a Cabinet Minister earns and more than what 95% of Kenyans earn.

At popular Citizen TV station, the highest paid journalist takes home Ksh1.2 million. This cash is normally paid to someone who is working as a news anchor and doubling as head of programs. At Nation Media Group and Standard Media Group, the average salary of the highest paid news anchors is Ksh 750,000 while at KBC,the highest journalist takes home Ksh650,000.

It is only RMS,SMG and NMG pay workers handsomely where as K24 and KBC pay most of the journalists less than Ksh 100,000 per month.

Currently the average salary of an experienced news anchor in Kenya is Ksh 150,000 while fresh graduates earn Ksh55, 000.

What I can say is that despite the likes of Maina Kageni, Caroline Mutoko, Julie Gichuru, Mwalimu Kingangi and Janet Mbugua taking home millions of shillings monthly, reaching their level is not easy: journalism is all about talent and how much you can bring to the company. All these people have not only a massive following but also quality networks, and since they bring so much to their companies, their pockets must also be catered for.

Generally, TV stations pay journalists and news anchors more than radio stations, which is why you should aim at joining popular TV stations like KTN, NTV and Citizen TV.