List of Blog Posts That Will Get Highest Number of Visits


There are specific blog posts that can generate up to 10 million visits per month but only the experienced bloggers can identify them. The highest number of visits can be witnessed from posts with a lot of organic searches.

When you search for content in Google, you’ll realize that the search engine indicates the number of searches for that particular content. Most popular searches have over 100 billion searches.

Before creating a blog post, you should first check in Google how many searches that keyword has. The most popular keywords have billions of searches. In case a particular keyword has over 1 billion searches, it means that any article with a similar keyword that ranks on page one of Google is likely to get over 1 million views. Those are the kind of articles you should post in your blog if you want it to become viral.

In this article, we are going to list articles with the highest number of visits that you should write about.

  1. Best paying careers in the world
  2. Early signs of HIV
  3. Best business to start with small capital
  4. How to create a blog
  5. How to become a millionaire
  6. How to Get USA Green Card
  7. Minimum wage USA
  8. Best Diploma courses
  9. Best degree courses
  10. Most profitable businesses to start
  11. English Premier League fixtures and table standings
  12. How to bleach your skin
  13. How to do abortion
  14. How to commit suicide
  15. Symptoms of depression

There are millions of other high traffic articles you can write about. The best way to search for such keywords is to use SEMrush, which is a popular SEO tool for bloggers to search for content and learn how to use long-tail keywords. The tool is provided for free to all new clients. To sign up,click on this link

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An ideal blog should have articles with hundreds, thousands and millions of views. For instance, if a blog contains 1,000 articles, at least 20 articles should have 1 million visits and above. To write such blog posts, you have to make use of SEMrush and LongTail pro for correct long-tail keywords on titles.