List of Undergraduate Degree Programs Which Don’t Require Masters Degree.



Masters is a must do for some professionals but there are degree programs which don’t require Masters.

When you pursue a degree like Economics, Bachelor of Commerce and many business related courses, you should top up with a masters degree and a professional course, but when you pursue degree programs related to engineering, you are only required to show competency in your work.

We provide a list of degree programs where Masters Program is not necessary

  1. Bachelor of Law
  2. Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
  3. Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery
  4. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  6. Bachelor of Computer Science
  7. Piloting
  8. Bachelor of Architecture
  9. Bachelor of Human Resources Management
  10. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  11. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
  12. Bachelor of Actuarial Science
  13. Bachelor of Information Technology

These degrees we have listed above only require a degree course and a professional certification. A degree program like Software Engineering require just a degree program and talent, Computer Science the same. Even if you pursue computer related courses to PhD level, you still remain a nobody if you don’t have talent to

Piloting require a certificate course and some on job training, keep your masters and PhD certificates…nobody needs them here.

Most of the engineering courses too don’t require Masters and PhD programs, but you can pursue MBA so as to secure a managerial level at your organization.