Nigeria Army Salary Scale-How Much Does an Army Earn in Nigeria?



Nigerian army play a critical role in protecting the country from external aggressors, their salaries are therefore higher than what regular police earn. Latest statistics shows that the lowest paid army in Nigeria, private soldier, earns N54,000 while the highest paid army receives N1.5 million.

Below are the salary structures of Nigerian army arranged according to the rank

Private Soldier N50,000

Lance Corporal N 55,000

Corporal  N 58,000

Sergeant N 63,000

Staff Sergeant N68,000

Warrant Officer N80,000

Master Warrant Officer N90,000

Second Lieutenant N120,000

Lieutenant N180,000

Captain N 230,000

Major N 300,000

L.T Colonel N 550,000

Brigadier General N 750,000

Major General N950,000

L.T General N1 million

General N 1.5 million

This is the salary of an army officer in Nigeria.As you can see these men in uniform are well renumerated and their welfare is well catered for.

The high salary is the reason why most Nigerians opt to quit their jobs for this security job.

Compared to other African Countries,Nigeria is among top ten countries that pay their soldiers well.Other countries include Egypt,Ethiopia,South Africa and Kenya.