Statistics VS Applied Statics, Which one is more marketable



Statistics and applied statistics are almost the same but there is a small difference that separates the two. Though the two courses are marketable in the world, one is more marketable than the other.

Statistics is a general course for individuals who are good in mathematics. The course is more of probability, demography, mathematics and calculus while applied statistics deals with application of mathematics and statistics in the fields of economics, finance, insurance, population studies, actuarial science and econometrics.

When you look at the two courses, you’ll realize that applied statistics is more diverse than statistics, which gives students more skills than general statistics. When you study applied statistics you become wholistic individual and chances of working in diverse environment are high.

In terms of employement, Applied Statistics have more chances of getting a job earlier than Statistics graduates because they can work in all sectors of economy. They are also likely to earn more than statistics graduates. This is because they possess skills that enable them get promotions quickly.

Applied Statistics graduates and students find it more relevant to pursue professional courses in business and finance while statistics graduate may pursue the business certificates but end up not applying them in the job market.