Universities offering BSc Applied Statistics in Kenya and Admission Requirements


Maseno, Moi and TUK are some of the universities in Kenya that offer BSc Applied Statistics. This is one of the most marketable undergraduate courses in Kenya.Admssion requirements to the universities are as follows;

Maseno University BSc Applied Statistics with IT Admission Requirements

To be admitted in BSc. Applied Statistics programme a candidate must, satisfy the minimum University and School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science entry requirements.

Duration and Structure of the Programme

  1. The duration of the programme shall normally extend over a period of four academic years.
  2. The courses are offered in units in which a course unit is defined as one hour lecture or two hours tutorials or three hours practical session per week per semester.
  3. Students will take a minimum of 42 and maximum of 48 units in each year of study. Students wishing to take more than 48 units will require senate approval.
  4. In the first year, students will take 36 core units from the department, 6 units from the IT courses offered as common units. In the second year, students will take 33 core units from the department, 9 units from the elective listed and 6 units from the common university IT courses.
  5. In the third and fourth years of study, Students will take courses from their respective areas of specialisation.
  6. In the third year students will take 36 core units and 3 required units from the department of Mathematics. In the fourth year students will take 18 core units. The additional units will be chosen from the elective units listed, in line with the desired area of specialisation


Campus  Face to face  Institution Based  eLearnng

Website link; https://maseno.ac.ke/index/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=736:bachelor-of-science-applied-statistics-with-it&catid=125:programs-in-the-department-of-statistics

Moi University Bsc applied statistics with computing Admission requirements

To be admitted into the B.Sc. (Applied Statistics with Computing) program, a candidate must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements. In addition, candidates must satisfy the following subject cluster:-

  • Mathematics OR Mathematics
  • Any group II Physical Science
  • Any group III Biological Science
  • Any from Group II/III /IV/V Geography/Accounts/Commerce

The duration of the program shall normally take four academic years.

A candidate should take a minimum of at least 21 units or at most 24 units per semester.

In addition to the normal semesters, there are field visits and industrial attachments at selected industrial, educational or research establishments. The attachment course shall normally be taken at the end of third year of study.

The University Common Rules and Regulations for Under Graduates Examinations shall apply.

Technical University of Kenya(TUK)Bachelor of Technology (Applied Statistics) Admission Requirements


  • KCSE Mean grade of C+(Plus)with C+ in Maths,Physics, Group II/Group III and 2nd Group II/III or Group IV/V


Website link: http://tukenya.ac.ke/bachelor-technology-applied-statistics

Kabianga University Bachelor of Applied Statistics with Computing Admission Requirements

KCSE Mean grade of C+ and above and minimum grade of B- (minus) in Mathematics OR KNEC Diploma in Applied Statistics or equivalent