University of Seychelles List of Alumni Members



University of Seychelles has several members listed as Alumni, who are extremely successful. The members share their experience and career paths as follows.

Daig Romain

BSc in Geography and Environment

Daig Romain is an alumnus of the University of Seychelles who graduated with a BSc in Geography and Environment. Currently working on Aldabra Atoll, Daig is enjoying his job and cannot imagine himself doing any other job. The interview we had with him sheds some light on what the course is all about and how it helped him develop into a young professional with a passion for the environment. Read more …


Prema Micock 

BSc in Business Administration

The University of Seychelles (UniSey) proudly announce that Ms Prema Micock, the UniSey’s Registration and Admission Officer has successfully completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a First Class Honours.  We met with Ms Prema where she shared her experience as a full time student and employee of UniSey. Read more …


Edith Wong

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

My time at the university was one filled with struggles, pain, laughter and happiness.  A time punctuated  by epiphanies which formed the basis of 3 years of my journey of self-discovery.  Because that is what a university education is meant to do.  It is meant to be more than just an academic learning experience to equip you for the world of work; it is meant to be that time where a person discovers the depths of their discipline, the strength of their determination and the euphoria of their joy.  Read more …



Samita Dodin

BSc in Business Administration

My name is Samita Dodin and I am from the Seychelles. Last year, I completed a BSc in Business Administration, with a specialisation in International Business.  This was one of the University of London’s International Programmes, offered by the University of Seychelles.  My degree classification was First Class Honours. I also received the award from the University of London for best overall performance.  The award represents the fruits of my hard work. At the university I always did my best in everything that I did, and I am proud of what I have achieved. Read more …


Amanda Rene

BSc in Business Administration

My experience as a student of UniSey was exciting but at the same time challenging.  It was exciting because the programme was new and the modules of my degree were very interesting.  In addition, I could study for an internationally recognised qualification from the comfort of my own home. The lecturers were also very engaging and helpful.  Read more …


Annabelle Constance

BSc Environmental Science

On the occasion of Aldabra’s 30th Anniversary in 2012, I was awarded the David Stoddart scholarship by Seychelles Islands Foundation, in honour of one of the founding fathers of Aldabra’s protection, Professor David Stoddart, to undertake a BSc Programme at the University of Seychelles. I felt very privileged to be given the chance to obtain a University education and will remain forever grateful to SIF for having given me this opportunity. Read more …


Ephna Chang-Thiou

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

My name is Ephna Peggy Chang-Thiou. I am 23 years old. Upon completing my A levels in 2011, in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at SALS, I qualified for a scholarship to further my studies at university level. As a child, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer. However, my favourite subjects were maths and the three sciences. Yet, I was never interested in pursuing any career in these fields. Read more …


Julia William

Certificate in Human Resources Management

I followed the Certificate in Human Resources Management course at The Guy Morel Institute, University of Seychelles between 2013 and 2015; the duration of the course was one and a half years.  My experience as a UniSey student was an exceptional one, in the sense that I experienced mixed and different feelings all the time.  It was fun, exciting, boring at times, and tiring, easy, difficult, stressful but in the end rewarding. Read more …

Marie-Angele Barbe

Certificate in General Management

I had always wanted to follow a management course, to gain more knowledge to facilitate my work and to gain more experience in the field.  In 2011 I attended two courses at the SIM: Supervisory Skills and Basic Management.  After completing these two courses, which I found to be very interesting, I felt the need to further my studies in the Management field.  Read more …

Michelle Francoise

ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business

Studying at UniSey has been an amazing experience, it has brought a new meaning to the words commitment and devotion to my studies. The lecturers are professional in the delivery of the course and there are numerous facilities to facilitate my studies.  I’ve always dreamt of becoming a professional accountant, so enrolling on the ACCA course brings me a step closer to achieving this dream.  Read more …

Rita Jean

Diploma in General Management

My experience as a UniSey student was an exciting and arduous journey. Exciting in the sense that you were learning and understanding new things every week. Arduous, because at times, with the weight of your own work load and trying to juggle family and meeting deadlines for assignments, it was very stressful