What else can a teacher do apart from teaching


As a teacher, there are many things you can do besides teaching that will generate extra income for you. You can pursue your other interests as a side hustle or a main hustle depending on what brings more income. Some teachers end up making more money from side hustles than from their full time jobs.

If you are a teacher who wants to make extra cash, here are other jobs you can do apart from teaching:

  • Blogging

Blogging can be done as a side hustle alongside your main job. Take time off your work and post a couple of articles on your blog. To create a blog, you spend $40 to $100 only. There is one hosting company which many bloggers love— Bluehost.This is the one that will host your site cheaply. It also offers free registration of domain names. To get your new domain name,click on this link to visit Bluehost

For the start, you’ll earn money through AdSense. But there are many bloggers earning money through AdSense alternatives like MGID,follow this link to sign up for MGID

If your content is good enough, you’ll earn more money from blogging than what you currently earn as a teacher. Each month, you’ll be pulling in over $2000.

  • Offer online tuition services

Create social media pages and a YouTube channel which you’ll use to offer online tuition services. YouTube will also help you earn from AdSense. To be eligible, ensure your videos are original and long enough to get attention from your subscribers. AdSense will approve your channels only if you get 1,000 subscribers,4000 watch hours and it’s at least 12 months old. For every 1,000 views, you’ll be earning above $1.

  • Become an entrepreneur

Not all teachers want to be in class, others want to do business. As a teacher, you’ll work, earn, save and look for profitable business to start, then inject your savings into the business. Quit your full time job only when your business is bringing more money than your job. You should give it at least one year to monitor the performance before quitting your job.

  • Become communication expert

Those teachers with specialization in communication, English and other languages can become communication experts. On-governmental organizations and international institutions like UN provide those opportunities.

  • Become an accountant

Teachers of business studies and accounting can also become accounts. They only need certification like ACCA or CFA to qualify as accountants.

  • Become a banker

Banks don’t discriminate when employing staff. If they need a degree course, any teacher can get a job there. Banks normally pay better than schools.

  • Identify your talent and work on it

Talent pays more than teaching. There are teachers who can do comedy, others are athletes, some can even become DJs .the hardest thing is to know your talent, but once you are aware of it, start practicing—you’ll make it.

  • Do farming

Farming can be an extra source of income for teachers. The good thing is that it can affect one’s work—you will do farming during your free time.

  • Sell academic papers/courses online

Through your blog, you will sell academic papers or courses online and earn extra money. There are plenty of students looking for questions and answers related to particular subjects. Take your time, research and come up with the questions and answers, then sell them online.

  • Publish a book

There are many teachers who publish books and sell online. Write your own book and put it on Amazon. You will be making money from the sales.

  • Run for a political post

Politics is another area where teachers flourish. One advantage teachers have is that they are well known in their local area, so getting votes won’t be hard because they don’t need any introduction.

  • Do academic writing jobs

As a side hustle, academic writing will work for you especially if you are working as a lecturer. You will help students write proposals and projects and get paid. Each page will generate over $10 for you.

  • Do any other job that is available

Sometimes you might get so desperate after being jobless for long.The best thing to do is to apply for any available job. As long as the job brings food on the table, you are good to go. There are many people on this earth doing jobs they didn’t study for.