Advantages of Email Marketing

Advantages of Email Marketing


Before you start to market your products through email marketing, knowing advantages and disadvantages of going this route is paramount. Having done email marketing for years, I would say it has its benefits and shortcomings. For a marketer, here is what you will derive from email marketing.

Brand awareness

The most important thing about Email Marketing is to reach wider audience which in turn helps in creating brand awareness. Companies that have adopted email marketing strategy spend little in marketing their products through other strategies.

Take this example: You have 10,000 email subscriptions and each of your subscribers receives an email from you that a new product is about to be launched. If the product and the way the information is packaged excites your audience, they will share with their acquintances.Within a short time, almost everyone in your geographical area is aware of the product, thanks to email marketing.


There is no doubt that email marketing is cheap. Take example of GetResponse.With $15/month, you are able to send as many emails as possible to your 1,000 subscribers. The good thing is that these individuals have interest in your products, which will certainly translate to sales.

If you were to market through AdWords, you could spend over $1000 and end up making loses.

Free Trial

Almost every email marketing tool has a free trial.GetResponse has a one month free trial while ConvertKit allows you to use their tool for 14 days without spending. As a marketer, you can take this advantage to try the tool and see which one works for you. Follow this link to sign up

Subscribers can share

The best thing about email marketing is that subscribers have the opportunity to share your content on social media and WhatsApp.The benefits always come when they share news about your products and products being sold by your company. When you are running a promotion, you don’t have to spend much on media campaigns.

Cost effective

Since it’s regarded as cheap and returns are quantified, email marketing is regarded as cost effective .With $15 as your monthly budget, you can make in excess of $50 from your subscribers.


Email marketing targets only individuals who are interested in your products. This is contrary to TV adverts, billboards and radio advertisement where the audience might not be interested in your products. It’s common sense that people who subscribe to your products are persons who have interests in them. It therefore means that they are always keen to hear from you in regards to new products and information.

Live chats

Email marketing allows you to chat live with your audience. The features are incorporated into GetResponse and ConvertKit tools.

Currently,there are two popular email marketing tools :GetResponse and ConvertKit.


GetResponse is now the best email marketing tool for small,medium and large companies.The tool has a 30-day free trial and plans that suit your needs.The 30-day free trial can be found through this link

Other plans are as follows:

The second most popular email marketing tool is ConvertKit.This tool has a 14-day trial and it’s cheapest plan costs $29 per month.The free trial sign up link is here

Other plans are priced as indicated below

For affiliate marketers,email marketing will be extremely useful.