Business Analyst Salaries in Kenya



A business Analyst is an individual who works in banks, insurance companies, manufacturing firms, NGOs and government institution. The salaries of business analysts, however, depend on individual’s level of experience and the sector an individual is attached to.

The average salary of a business analyst working at Insurance companies is Ksh 150,000 while those working in banks earn Ksh 180,000.Government institutions like CMA,NSE and RBA pay analysts average salary of Ksh 250,000.

The highest paid business analysts are those working at NGOs and the United Nations. Business analysts in these institutions earn up to Ksh1 million, but the average salary is Ksh 300,000.

In order to be a business analyst you have to possess a degree in Statistics,business administration,IT,actuarial science,bachelor of commerce,economics and also pursue a professional course in CPA,CIFA,ACCA or CFA.

The most suitable candidates are those who pursue CFA and Statistics.