How long does it take for a blog to get traffic


It takes 2 weeks for a new blog to start getting organic traffic, and only one day if its content is shared on social media. Based on my own experience, it takes 3-6 months for a new blog to start attracting regular organic traffic. But the period it takes for any new blog to start getting traffic is determined by:

  1. The age of a blog
  2. Whether the articles are shared on social media or not
  3. Number of backlinks
  4. Niche
  5. Quality of the articles
  6. Keywords used in each article
  7. How regular you post

When you register a new domain, you have to give it at least 2 weeks to one month to get indexed by Google, it might take up to 3 months based on the content you post on the website. I have registered 7 domains before and none of them was indexed in less than 2 weeks. It even took up to 6 months for some of my blogs to start getting traffic. My news site started getting reasonable traffic after 3 months. The one for blogging took 5 months because the competition for the content was high—I even didn’t share the content on social media.

When there is less competition in your niche, your blog will take less than 3 months to get traffic. If you post regularly, at least ones a day, it will even take less than 1 month to start getting traffic. The sad reality is for highly competitive niches like gadgets. Search engines may deliberately delay to index your content for up to 1 year to determine whether it’s good for online readers.

In order to ensure that your articles are indexed fast, do this:

Post high quality articles daily.

Share the articles on social media

Sponsor the articles on social media

Use SEO tools to search for high ranking long-tail keywords. One of the tools you will use is SEMrush,click on this link to sign up for free

Choose less competitive niches like Mortgage, agriculture and environment

Create long and interesting articles. Make sure that each article contains more than 2000 words

Your blog should be light and fast loading. Choose the type of hosting company which has servers that don’t slow a website, I suggest that you host at Bluehost, you will pay $3.95 per month only. To check Bluehost plans and prices,click on this link

You should also use a highly optimized WordPress theme like Newspaper—avoid using free themes. Newspaper theme costs $59 per month at ThemeForest.To get one,click on this link

I have always used Newspaper theme, some of my blogs are using it and it’s one of the best.Fixusjobs is using Authentic theme which also costs $59 ,you can get it from Themforest too,click here to acquire one

Since there are millions of new blogs being created every month, it has become extremely difficult for any of them to start getting traffic immediately they go live. Once a blogger creates a new site, no matter how experienced he is, he must be patient—wait at least 3 months for his content to start ranking.