How Many Bloggers are There in Nigeria


Latest statistics show that there are 20,100 bloggers in Nigeria. The number of bloggers increase every single day as others drop from the industry. The statistics show that 87% of the bloggers started blogging 2 years ago. The first blog was created in Nigeria in 1998.

Each year, a total of 2,000 blogs are created in Nigeria where majority of them are news and entertainment blog. Based on niche, here are the number of blogs in Nigeria:

  1. News—1,700 blogs
  2. Entertainment—1,300 blogs
  3. Gossip—1,100 blogs
  4. Politics—600 blogs
  5. Career/Education—300 blogs
  6. Gadget—450 blogs
  7. Business—400 blogs
  8. Fashion—250 blogs

To create a blog in Nigeria, you need a capital of $100 to $500.It takes up to one week to register a domain name and come up with a blog.

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The best niches to blog on are: Entertainment, Business, News, Career and Gossip. If you run a popular website with more than 1 million monthly readers, you’ll earn more than $1,200.