How to make Ksh 5,000 per day in Kenya


Making Ksh 5,000 per day in Kenya translates to Ksh 150,000 per month. This money I enough to sustain you for a month in Westlands, Buruburu,Nairobi West, South C,Kileleshwa or Kilimani.With Ksh 150,000 per month, you will comfortably live in Nairobi and save more than Ksh30,000.Ober 90% of Kenyans earn below Ksh 3,000 per day,impying that if you make Ksh5k daily, you are among top 1% earners. I will show you below how to make this money every month easily.

  • Get a job that pays at least Ksh 150,000 monthly

There are jobs which pay over Ksh 150,000 per month. Government parastatals, NGO jobs, CEO, MCA, Medical Doctor, managerial positions, Aircraft Pilot and Pharmacist are some of the highest paying jobs.

The job can come out of luck or when you pursue a relevant course in college.

  • Blogging

Create a blog and sign up with AdSense. To earn Ksh 5,000 daily, your blog should get at least 20,000 views. To create a blog, you will spend Ksh 10,000 only. I recommend Hostpinnacle to create one for you in case you don’t have one. Hostpinnacle website can be accessed through this link,click here to visit the website

  • Run a YouTube account

YouTube is one way of making decent money make Ksh 5,000 per day from YouTube, you need traffic of Ksh 20,000.To make Ksh 150,000 per month, your channel must get traffic above 600,000 monthly.

To ensure that the income remains constant, post daily and grow the number of subscribers.

  • Start a profitable business

There are many profitable businesses to start in Kenya that will generate a profit of more than Ksh 5,000 per day. Here is the list:

Hardware shop (Ksh 5,000 to Ksh100,000 per day)

Chemist in Nairobi CBD(Ksh 5,000 and above per day)

Electronics shop in Nairobi CBD(Ksh 5,000 and above per day)

Mobile phone and computer repair shop in Nairobi (Ksh 5,000 and above per day)

Hotel business in Nairobi (Ksh 5,000 and above per day)

Long distance truck business (Ksh 5,000 per day) for two trucks

Airbnb business (Ksh 5,000 per day from one apartment)

  • Invest in Money Market

Money Market is one of the best investments to make in Kenya. For you to make Ksh at least Ksh 5,000 per day, you must invest more than Ksh 10 million. The good thing is that you will be assured of the Ksh 5,000 daily.

  • Save in Fixed Deposit account

Save at least Ksh 7 million in fixed deposit account and make more than Ksh 5,000 daily. Fixed deposit account will pay you the money after the fixed period agreed lapses.

  • Build rental property

Rental property will generate for you passive income forever. An apartment with 5 floors will generate Ksh 150,000 to Ksh 800,000 monthly.But this business is capital intensive.To build houses that yield Ksh5,000 daily,you need a capital of above ksh7 million.

  • Plant Hass avocado

Hass avocado farming is becoming a common thing in Kenya because it’s a profitable venture. Plant hass avocado in one or more acres which will generate for you over Ksh 2 million per year. The avocado will take 3 years from the time they are planted to maturity.

  • Start a recruiting agency to take Kenyans to gulf

A recruiting agency to take Kenyans to gulf will generate over Ksh 5,000 daily—this one you are assured of it.But you need a capital of Ksh 500,000 and above to start one.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good source of passive income. Furthermore, many affiliate marketing companies in Kenya pay recurring income. The products can be marketed through a niche blog, social media or in forums.

In most cases, affiliate marketing performs better than AdSense.

  • Provide mobile loans

Kenyans have huge appetite for mobile loans. Develop an App that gives loans to Kenyans and you will be sure of making over Ksh 5,000 daily. You can also start shylocking business.

If you can afford to do one of the things listed above, then you are sure of making Ksh 5,000 and above daily.