How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya


There are various ways in which you can make money as a student in Kenya. You can do so by dedicating time when you are free, especially over the holiday period or after classes. I happen to be one of the several people who started making money while in school. I actually became a blogger in 2007 while in college. That time, I was blogging from BlogSpot, a free Content Management System owned by Google, I later shifter to WordPress.

What will surprise you is that most of the businesses launched in college later become extremely successfully. The likes of Billy Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos started their respective businesses while in college—some of them dropped out of college to concentrate on their ventures.

As a Kenyans student, you can make money through:

  • Blogging

I will encourage anyone wanting to make money online in Kenya to start a blog. I suggest so because this is an area which has benefitted me immensely. Since I started blogging, I have earned over Ksh50 million from my various blogs. I started blogging with a capital of Ksh5,000.

To become a blogger, first register a domain name, buy hosting space and develop a website. I suggest that you get cheap web hosting services at Bluehost,click on this link to create a free account

You will need a capital of about Ksh10,000 to start your own blog. Making money will be through AdSense,MGID, or by selling products like smartphones on your phone.

  • Start a small business within the college/university compound

There are numerous businesses you can start within the school compound, one of them is printing business. Buy a printing machine, a photocopying machine and a scanner. The three equipment can be stationed in your room. Instead of students going out of school to print and scan documents, they’ll be coming to your house.

Another business you can start in college is that of selling movies. You actually need a laptop and a reliable source for movies. In a day, you’ll be making an average of Ksh500.

You can also run a pool table just outside the school compound. Students like playing pool after classes, they pay to play.

  • Become a YouTuber

Create a YouTube channel, upload videos and start making money while in school. YouTube is a free platform for anyone above 18 years. Once you create your channel, upload as many videos as possible. The moment your videos get over 4,000 watch time hours, over 1,000 subscribers and the channel is 12 months old, apply for monetization from AdSense.

Students are very creative and it’s during college time that you can create a YouTube channel that will generate more than Ksh100,000 every month.

  • Bet on football matches

Another venture you can undertake is to bet on football matches. Identify a reliable betting site with high odds, sign up and start betting. I suggest that you sign up for 22Bet, click here to register

I know of a couple of students who earn more than Ksh50,000 every month from betting on football matches.

While gambling, make sure that you do it moderately because you might lose all your money.

  • Become an affiliate marketer

There are many affiliate marketing companies you can join and start earning money online, one of them is Jumia.After joining, you’ll be provided with an affiliate link which you will share on your social media pages. You will earn when those who click on your link purchase Jumia products. To sign up for Jumia affiliate program,click on this link

Jumia pays commissions in the range of 2%-13% of the total price of the products sold. If you own a popular Facebook page, you can make up to Ksh100,000 per month.

  • Participate in online surveys

Several companies offer incentives to Kenyans who participate in their surveys. Since students have a lot of time on their disposal, they can register for the many available paid online surveys and make money from time to time. Most of the online survey companies pay participants through MPESA.

To get started, search for available online survey companies in Kenya, then register and start making money online.

  • Become a Social Media Influencer

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three popular social media platforms which university students make money through. Social Media Influencer is a title which did not exist a decade ago because social media was not common. Today, a career has been born and it’s ‘social media influencer’. As long as you are good in growing social media pages, you’ll become a successful social media influencer and make a lot of money from your pages. Companies will identify you and start advertising on your pages. If your pages gain more than 1 million followers each, you’ll charge more than Ksh20,000 per sponsored post.

  • Sell products on Facebook

You can also make money while in college by selling products on Facebook. Create a page which you will be using to display your products. Some of the best products to sell include, smartphones, duvet, women clothes, jeans and shoes. The hardest part is to grow your page but once it has become popular, you’ll be making money regularly.

  • Give soft loans to other students

There are students who need soft loans and return the same with interest. Identify students you can trust, offer them soft loans and earn interests when they repay. Though this is a risk route, if you are a risk taker, you’ll certainly make money.

  • Offer web design services

Those students pursuing IT, Software Engineering, Computer Science and other related courses can offer web design services to other students and Kenyans in general. You need social media pages and a blog which you will use to promote your services.

After college, you might find yourself operating this business without bothering to search for employment elsewhere.

  • Offer academic writing services

There are students who want academic writers to write proposals and projects for them. This is something you can do as a student. There are also various academic writing companies which you can register with online and start making money.

  • Offer remedial teaching

Remedial/tuition services will help you make money especially during holidays. Instead of being idle at home with parents, look for a school which will offer you the opportunity to teach students and get paid. Alternatively, offer tuition services at your home to any interested students.

  • Invest your money in Money Market Fund

When you invest in Money Market Fund(Unit Trusts),you don’t incur losses. Every month, the company you invest with will be sending money to your MPESA account in form of interest.

Save as little as Ksh1,000 every month and make money as a student.