How to Make Money Illegally in Kenya and Avoid Being Jailed


There are numerous ways in which you can make money illegally in Kenya and avoid being jailed. If you look around, you’ll notice that the most successful Kenyans are those who made money illegally. The most demotivating thing is that if you try to follow the right channels, you won’t become rich.

Here are the easiest ways to make money illegally in Kenya and avoid being caught/jailed:

  • Run a website that scams Kenyans

There are websites that scam Kenyans on regular basis, like Public Likes and Amazon Web Worker. These websites are purely for scamming Kenyans. The owners promise to pay crazy amounts to members but they have to pay registration fee. The first people earn good money, they inform their friends, workmates and anyone they know. The lifespan of this website is less than one year. Allow at least 1,000 people to earn, they will introduce more than 10,000 other people. If each of them pays Ksh5,000, you’ll earn over Ksh 50,000,000. Then terminate the website.

  • Become a High end prostitute targeting politicians, rich people and businessmen

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. This career will make you rich within a short time. People like Verah Sidika are doing prostitution in the name of Socialites. A high end prostitute can make more than Ksh1 million from a single client.

Prostitution is no illegal in Kenya, you can do it confidently and earn a fortune within a short time.

  • Sell illegal gold

If you get a loophole of selling illegal gold, go ahead and make money. Most people get gold from Congo and sell it locally. You can become an instant billionaire by selling illegal gold.

  • Win illegal tenders

There are politicians highly connected and can make you a millionaire by winning a tender which does not exist. County Governments use proxies to award imaginary tenders. Start hustling to get one from a County and see how you can make money illegally without being jailed.

  • Sell fake Betting Tips

You can also make illegal cash and not get caught by offering fake betting tips. There are thousands of Kenyans earning money this way, some of them are very rich.

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  • Eat men’s fare

You can also specialize in eating men’s fare.If a man offers to send you money,usikatae,kula tu na usiende.There are many ladies who make up to Ksh 10,000 by eating fare from men. If you get a man mwenye anapeana pes ahata bila kuomba, eat that money.

  • Get a child with a rich person

You can trap a rich person, get a child with him and force him to pay for child upkeep. You will enjoy his sweat for 18 good years. If you are intelligent enough, invest that money and become rich too.

  • Get a rich sponsor

There are men and women who want love and in return they give you money, we call them sponsors. Don’t fear to ask for a lot of money from the sponsors because that’s the only golden opportunity you have. If possible, get married to him.