How to provide web hosting services when you don’t own a server


Do you know you can offer web hosting services without owning a server?Well,I will show you the easiest way to make money through web hosting with a low budget.

Owning a server isn’t easy, it’s only possible for giant companies like Google, Bluehost etc.For small businesses, reseller, dedicated server or Managed WordPress Hosting are the best packages to buy and host your clients.

If you are a web designer, it’s important to provide packages for web hosting to your client to prevent them from getting the services elsewhere. You will have a budget of $100 to $1000 only per month depending on the number of clients you will have.

To get started, first create your own website that will market your services. You will need a budget of $50 to $100 for this.A2 Hosting will offer cheapest web hosting services. Their package cost as little as $2.99 per month. To learn more,you can visit their website here

Creating a website will take you less than 2 days.

Choose a package for hosting your clients

For small businesses and medium traffic websites, select Agency hosting package at A2 Hosting which costs $17.99 to $49.99 per month. The packages will host up to 200 websites.

The good thing about this package is that each of your clients will have his own cPanel.To see the available packages and offers at A2 Hosting,follow this link

High traffic website hosting package

For high traffic websites, Kinsta offers the best packages. Their plans can host websites with over 10 million visits per month.Kinsta plans cost as low as $35 per month. To see all their packages and features,click on this link

You can select one of the two packages and start hosting your clients.

The profits from this business is huge. You will charge each client at least $30 per month. Assuming that you have purchased Business 2 package which costs $225per month and each client pays $50 monthly, you will host 10 clients who pay a total of $500.The profit from this package alone is over $260.