Highest Paying Careers in Nigeria


There are careers in Nigeria that pay as high as N10 million per month. Highest paying careers are not necessarily the hardest courses in college, they are careers with high demand and few professionals.

If you want to earn decent income after graduation, go for the highest paying careers as listed below:

  • Piloting

If you get a chance of pursing piloting in a Nigerian college, do so because you’ll end up earning over N2 million per month. Experienced Pilots in the country earn as high as N4 million per month. But for you to qualify as a pilot, you have to spend over N10 million for training and fly for several hours before being licensed. Sadly, only the affluent members of the society manage to take their children to piloting schools.

  • Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers are among top 3 highest paid professionals in Nigeria. The course takes an average of 5 years to complete but once someone has possessed the degree, his starting salary will be upwards of N700,000. Some companies, especially in the oil industry pay petroleum engineers in excess of N2 million per month.

If you are good in mathematics and sciences, Petroleum Engineering is one of the best courses to pursue in the University. If possible, enroll for the course in the UK, Australia, Canada or USA because most companies in Nigeria prefer graduates from abroad over those graduating from local colleges.

  • Medical Doctors

If I were you, I could go straight to the university to pursue Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery then specialize in Neurosurgeon. As a medical Doctor, you have the option of establishing your own clinic or getting employed by well-paying private hospitals. The monthly salary of a Medical Doctor in Nigeria ranges between N600,000 and N3 million depending on one’s area of specialization and amount of experience.

  • Become a Preacher

The good thing about becoming a preacher is that nobody will ask which course you pursued in college—this is purely based on your talent and passion. In Nigeria, preachers are among the richest professionals.

If you believe that you can attract a gathering through your preaching skills, start your own church and see with your own eyes how you become a millionaire. A preacher can earn more than N1000,000 per day from tithes.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a career which is growing exponentially. As a blogger, you can earn more than N1 million per month if you are consistent and popular. Bloggers like Linda Ikenji make more than N100 million every month.

The best thing about blogging is that it generates constant passive income.

To become a blogger, you need a domain name, a website and ways of earning money. A capital of N50,000 is needed. To register a domain name and buy hosting space, click on this link to visit Bluehost

You also need a Premium WordPress theme which is SEO friendly,follow this link to get one.

Bloggers earn money through AdSense, MGID, Affiliate programs, direct sponsored banner advertisements, sponsored articles and by selling e-books. The amount of money earned through blogging depends on the traffic your website gets. If you manage over 1 million visitors per month, you’ll earn more than $1,200 monthly.

In blogging, you become your own boss.

  • Lawyers

Law is another well-paying profession in Nigeria, but it only gets interestingly lucrative when you gain experience spanning over 5 years. Lawyers running their own firms earn more money than those employed to work for other companies. In a month, a lawyer can pull in upwards of N10 million depending on the type of clients they are dealing with. Corporate lawyers are among the highest paid lawyers in the country.

If you establish your own law firm, it will take up to 5 years to breakeven but once your services are known to be excellent, you’ll become extremely rich. You can earn more than N100 million from a single case especially one that involves corporates or senior politicians.

  • Aeronautical Engineers

Aeronautical engineers work in the aviation industry; they are the once who ensure that planes are in perfect condition. There are few qualified Aeronautical Engineers in Nigeria, less than 1000.These professionals earn from N600,000 per month. At the peak of their career, they earn in excess of N3 million every month.

  • Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers work in top industries in Nigeria. Those working in the oil and gas industry are among the highest paid professionals in Nigeria. The average monthly pay of Mechanical Engineer is N700,000.

Mechanical Engineers can also opt to start their own garage. With a busy garage in places like Lagos, one will make over N100,000 per day.

  • Software Engineer

Another profession that’s doing well is Software Engineering. In this era of Apps, every IT company needs a Software Engineer to develop Apps for companies. If you manage to secure a job in top companies like Facebook, Google and MTN, you can easily earn more than N5 million per month. However, you have to have excellent skills in programming to earn a decent pay.

With skills in software engineering and programming, you can also start your own IT company and make over N10,000,000 every month.

  • Statistician/Data Analyst

Data Analysts/Statisticians working for NGOs and government research companies are also among the best paid professionals in the country. But for you to earn a good salary, you have to possess a Master’s degree in Statistics or related course and Statistical tools like R and Stata. Those with experience in GIS and Remote Sensing have an upper hand.

The average pay of a Statistician in Nigeria is N400,000 per month.

Statisticians can also perform roles like online academic writing, data analysis for university/college students and managing their own research firms.

  • Financial Analyst/Investment Analyst

If you pursue Bachelor of Commerce plus Chartered Financial Analyst, then add MBA, you’ll become very marketable. Chartered Financial Analyst is the best professional course for finance professionals, when you have this paper, you won’t be jobless in Nigeria. Financial Analysts work in banks, Insurance companies, stock market and research firms. Their monthly salary ranges between N300,000 and N5 million.

A financial analyst can easily rise to become a CFO, or even a CEO.

  • Pharmacist

Pharmacists have plenty of opportunities in Nigeria, they can work in drug manufacturing companies, hospitals or in top pharmacies in the country. One thing you’ll like about this career is that nobody will threaten to sack you, you’ll always find something to do. If you are fired, start your own Chemist and become your own boss.

In case you get employed, your monthly pay will be in excess of N400,000. Senior Pharmacists in drug manufacturing companies earn as high as N2 million per month.

  • Nursing

Nursing can be pursued at Diploma or undergraduate level. It takes up to 4 years to complete a degree in nursing. This is a hot cake career because every hospital needs a nurse. Though nurses don’t earn as much as medical doctors, their salaries are reasonable.

If you want to pursue a course that will always present employment opportunities, Nursing is the most ideal. The salary of a nurse in Nigeria ranges between N200,000 and N500,000 per month.

  • Actuary

Actuarial Science is relatively new in Nigeria but it’s a good career. Only a couple of Nigerians have pursued this profession. Actuaries work for Insurance companies, stock market, pension firms and banks. The salary of a qualified Actuary is as high as N4 million per month. But for one to be an Actuary, they have to pursue a degree course in Actuarial Science and get professional certification from the Society of Actuaries. To get the professional certification, it takes up to 12 years.

  • Musician

Popular musicians make up to N50 million per show. Music is only for talented Nigerians and when it gets to the point of being popular in Africa, you’ll earn money no any other profession in Nigeria will pay. Musicians also get endorsements from corporates, they run YouTube channels which yield money every month. Most of them run private business and by virtual of being celebrities, their businesses are blossoming.

  • Become a Sailor

You can become a sailor by pursuing courses related to maritime and shipping. Sailors perform the role of sailing ship, boats and repairing ships whenever they develop mechanical problems. Very few Nigerians end up being sailors because the profession need intensive training. In Nigeria, a Sailor earns at least N1 million per month.

  • Surgeon

A surgeon pursues a degree in Medicine and specializes in surgery. Neurosurgeons are among the highest paid surgeons in the country. It takes a student more than 7 years of training to graduate as a surgeon.

Surgeons don’t look for employment; employment look for them.

  • Teacher

Teachers who end up pursuing PhD are among the happiest professionals in Nigeria. PhD holders end up being lecturers where they earn over N500,000 per month. Some lecturers, especially professors make more than N900,000 every month.

Teachers in international schools and special needs schools are also well renumerated. In a private international school, a teacher will earn more than N400,000 every month regardless of which category of students they teach.

Your target as a teacher is to pursue a PhD course for you to earn decent salary. Teachers with undergraduate course only are often underpaid.

  • Social media influencer

About 10 years ago, social media influencer was not among the existing careers. But the profession has become one of the leading in terms of job opportunities and pay. Any Nigerian running a popular Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page is regarded as an Influencer. Influencers are paid by corporates and individuals to advertise products on their blogs. With over 1 million followers, an Influencer can make more than N500,000 per post.

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

If you secure employment in established international media houses like CNN, BBC or Sky News, you’ll earn more than N5 million per month. As a journalist, you also have the option of becoming a blogger, a YouTuber or seek employment in private firms as a PR or communication expert. Journalism does not limit you on what to do—there are numerous opportunities for you in this field.

  • Web Developer

Web Developers earn a lot of money, a lot that they don’t desire to shit to any profession. Since over 2,000 websites are created in Nigeria every single day, Web Developers find themselves making over N100,000 from each client. Some web developers get up to 1,000 clients per month.

  • Military jobs

If you manage to secure employment in the military, you’ll smile all the way to the bank. Military is one of the best paying institutions in Nigeria. A military earns over N400,000 per month. Senior military personnel can earn above N2 million every month.